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  1. Temp 76; pH has dropped a little below 7, it's around 6.8 and is probably due to the driftwood and I need to add a bit more crushed coral; Ammonia 0; Nitrites 0; Nitrates around 40ppm (can add GH/KH numbers if it will be helpful). I used the Aquarium Co-op test strips, ammonia was 0. However, parameters being off was actually my first thought since I just added the loaches, I was worried that maybe it was too much bioload at once and that they were getting ammonia burns. I can bust out the API Master Test Kit though and get a different reading.
  2. Thank so much! I do have on hand and have used API Super Ick Cure (prior to getting ACO med trio) for my guppies and agree, it did exactly what it was supposed to and I have not had another outbreak with my guppies. In full transparency, my main concern is a vain one, this tank is in my living room and is my largest tank (currently 😇). I would really prefer to not treat with something that will stain the corners blue like in my 10-gallon hospital/quarantine tank.
  3. I have a planted 40 gallon breeder community tank which is going on 4 months old and currently includes: 12 Neon Tetra 6 Bronze Corys 5 Amano Shrimp *6 Dwarf Chain Loaches (just added two days ago after quarantine) Crypts - green and lucens Vallisneria Amazon Sword Anubias Java Fern Temp 76; pH has dropped a little below 7, it's around 6.8 and is probably due to the driftwood and I need to add a bit more crushed coral; Ammonia 0; Nitrites 0; Nitrates around 40ppm (can add GH/KH numbers if it will be helpful). I may be paranoid, but one of my Dwarf Chain Loaches has been kicking up the sand, and I noticed one of the corys rubbing on the sword leaves. I don't SEE any white ich spots or anything else at the moment, and no one else in the tank seems to be bothered. I've never had dwarf chain loaches before and have heard that they are prone to ich because they are scaleless, so maybe I'm just over-reacting and they're ok, just settling in as they've only been in the big tank for a few days... I have the med trio which I've used for quarantining (I also have three other tanks: 20 gal guppy tank, 10 gallon betta tank, 10 gallon pea puffer tank) However, if it does wind up being ich or something similar and I do need to treat the tank, will adding salt completely nuke my plants? I understand it dehydrates them, and if I really need to I could probably just pull them all and replant after treatment. Aside from using salt... is there anything for ich that works as well as Ich-X that won't stain the tank? Comments/suggestions/insights are greatly appreciated ❤️
  4. You are not alone, someone should probably not let me near my card either! 😅
  5. Beautiful plants! Thank you for sharing the picture
  6. Set up the new 40 gallon finally last weekend with a seeded sponge filter 😄 Very excited to get more fish soon.
  7. @CalmedByFish Thank you, he is actually pink 😁 although after a few weeks he's starting to get a slight hint of blue along the edges of his tail and fins, so I'm very excited to watch his colors evolve as he grows.
  8. Thanks so much, everyone! 🥰 @KBOzzie59 I have not missed it at all either, and assumed my anxiety level would be reduced but am a little surprised by how MUCH my anxiety was reduced. @Arcite I will hopefully have updated pictures, soon. My tanks are a little bit of a mess right now but I hope to be doing some major "housekeeping" this weekend 😊 @CalmedByFish I really feel you on that one. ❤️ Picture of 10 gallon tank before rearranging the plants (i'm sure you can tell which decorations the kids picked out): Impulse Betta purchase/rescue from local box store:
  9. Hello! I am also just getting back in after several years being out, and things certainly have changed. I am very excited about the availability of live plants though, that always seemed to be a struggle, but maybe back then I just didn't know where to look. Internet wasn't what it is now 😜
  10. Hello! After several years of being out of the aquarium hobby, I decided to "slowly" get back into it and purchased a 10 gallon tank last month... and already also now have 7-ish gallon with a betta AND picked up a 40 gallon breeder tank for which I currently planning the aquascape 😅 As I'm sure it has been for lots of folks, the last year has been extremely challenging mentally and emotionally, and getting back into the aquarium hobby has been much-needed therapy. I no longer have a Facebook account, so feel like I am missing out on a lot of fish groups and the local clubs. I am very excited and grateful to be here in this online community, and look forward to meeting fellow fish nerds! 🥰
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