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  1. I Guess that make sense. Thanks for the advice
  2. Yes I want to keep the fry. So Y does almost everyone say if you can get the parents to raise the fry it saves a lot of work? I thought if the parents raise them its better.
  3. Hey Guys I put two Angelfish together in a tank that I thought were Male and female I watched them closely for a while but nothing happened so I gave up. So 3 weeks ago after the weekend I checked on them and the tank was full if fry. So now the spawned again so I left the eggs in the because they had good success the first time but day 2 they ate all the eggs. My question is should I give them a second chance or did I do something Wrong? THANKS
  4. Thats kind of what i thought. Thanks
  5. Hey guys I was wondering if a guy could add a little calcite to freshwater aquarium to neutralize PH and bring up the KH in water? What would happen if i add some? Would it be the same as adding crushed Coral? Thank you
  6. There is no nitrite in my water. My nitrate is about 15 ppm. I put that sponge filter in a cycled tank for 15 days then I put it in new tank.
  7. I am reading 0 Ammonia
  8. Hey Guys Started up a 10 gallon aquarium put a couple fish in it to start the cycle. So as soon as I tested nitrite in the tank I removed the fish and put them back to old tank. I have been testing that aquarium for 10 to 12 days and it still shows 1.5 to 2.0 ppm. Go a medium size sponge filter in it for filtration. What do I do from here?
  9. Hi guys I have a well that puts out 45 Grams hardness and 4.5-5 ppm iron. My quiestios is how bad is iron for freshwater fish? Thanks
  10. So what size would you recommend cutting them?
  11. Hey Guys Quick question here. I go lots of left over cucumbers,carrots and peas this year. Could a guy dehydrate them and make them onto a powder and feed it to Angelfish, Guppy's, and sword tails? What fish would eat thinks like this Thanks
  12. Hey Guys My tank broke out with brown algae spots. Want to know what algae it is and how to get rid of it. Thanks
  13. Should I go back to regular feeding cycles?
  14. Hey my tank is showing 0% Nitrite!! I'm feeding once a day. Should I still do a 25% water change every day for a couple more days? Is it going to effect my good bacteria growth?
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