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  1. I will get some when I setup my 29 gallon but didn't want to much hanging down in my 10 gallon. I will have soon soon though.
  2. Aquarium co op for the win. Sent them an email and they had some in back along with a couple other types too.
  3. Looking to purchase my first floating plants for my 10 gal tank. Does anyone know where I can locally source Amazon frogbit?
  4. Would this organic soil work as a substrate for my soon to be planted aquarium? Not sure if there are certain things I should avoid or not. Thanks in advance!
  5. Are chemicals like API quick start,stress coat+, etc necessary when your well water reads ok on the test strip? I'm using aquacare pro test strips. It tests for pH, Nitrite, Nitrate, General Hardness, Carbonate hardness, Chlorine.
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