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  1. Yes that’s my plan but ideally wanted to have different racks on different switches. Which I guess is possible by using multiple pumps in the totes I guess.
  2. Ok thanks will try that out.
  3. Wanted to add. Would love to be able to do it like corys new room and have zones but no idea if this is possible with the water not coming from a mains. Thanks in advance
  4. Hi all was hoping you could help me. Am setting up my fish room and need suggestions on what pump system would be best to pump the auto from two linked ibc totes in my tanks. Only after doing a small water change every day. Was looking to use 1/4 inch hma hosing to run to the rakes but that’s open to suggestions also. The run is about 9 metres with max a 1.5m incline out of the tote initially. Hope this all makes sense. Thanks.
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