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  1. Yeah! It's a ramshorn snail, likely eating some bladder snail eggs.
  2. Thankies! Perpetually a work in progress, and I'm really pleased with its progress. Aw, thank you! Once they're much older, I'll be looking for homes for some of them -- I didn't expect this many to germinate, let alone grow and thrive. It's kinda cool, 'cause I first heard of them by word-of-mouth, and was like "i should visit some time" and then I saw their videos and went "ok, now I *have to* go there" and it's been planted tank bliss ever since!
  3. Lol, psyche; I finally read that these dates are the date of arrival. Not the date they hit the salesfloor. So I gotta wait 2 weeks for my green buddies to finish quarantine.
  4. Squee! Neon green rasboras! I'll come get some on Monday. 💕
  5. Hello there! I'm Elspeth, but friends call me Elf; feel free! I'm a local customer to ye olde coop, and I'm not sure what took me so long to join the forum..? I was the fish lady at the Redmond Petco, some years back, and I heckin love bettas! I currently have 4, and am running a total of 7 tanks, all 10 gallons or less. I also have a chihuahua, a bunch of reptiles, a dozen or so tarantulas, and many plants. I'm including a pic of some baby cacti I started from seeds that I collected from my late cactus, Fluffy, who lived into their 20s. (Yes, Scarlett, the betta, is way too full in that photo; she stole food from her loaches.)
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