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  1. Yeah I agree mutts would have been the better route. I had never had guppies b4 either and still new to hobby. So it was fast learning curve. But I love my sensitive stinkers haha 😂 I fig the ones that made it are the stronger of bunch anyhow.
  2. Yay another guppie buddy. I have japan blue female and her 20 fry. 3 big ear purple mosaics males all still in my q/t tub’s so don’t have super great pictures yet. Hope to start moving them all to their new permanent homes soon. Sill debating what to do with mosaic boys. I had a rough start on getting some very sick purple mosaic guppies from shop out west and my Japan blue’s were from Tx and have done well minus me stressing them out a bit with ph change to quick or ammonia spike. Mine are quite sensitive. Should have gone guppy mutt route.
  3. Aw man 😔..well it’s still awesome. Just gonna have to research more window film sun blocker type stuff haha for my 36 gallon
  4. Ooooooh I love that mesh shade stuff on your tank I soooo need that for my 36 gal tank. What is it and where did you get it. Your tank is simple yet elegant.
  5. My betta is In a 5 gal with live plants and he uses the whole tank. Guppies breed so much I wouldn’t place them in a 5G tank unless you do all males. I’ve heard 1 pea puffer can work. They are so cool I haven’t broken down and gotten one yet. Still got my new strains of guppies in qt tubs will be moving the trio to 36 gal tank and and their 15 babies to my 29 g grow out tank. Same mammas will have more babies in 2 wks so. Full house happens quick with guppies. My other strain only 3 males made it thru outta my group might move them to my 10 gal. Hope this helps some.
  6. Thanks @Odd Duck these eggs seem a bit opaque. But my corys are young. So maybe infertile eggs. Will leave them be and keep an eye on them to see if they change color. Would love to get little Cory fry 😁
  7. Yeah it’s decently planted. I’m still not 100%if these are corydora eggs or my nerites. I know they say sesame seed looking eggs are narite snail eggs. But I honestly can’t tell
  8. Should I move them or leave there? It’s only them and nerites In tank so far 36 gal
  9. I think my albino corys had some fun after I went to work ?
  10. How ya liking the feeder? I debated getting some. Since I’m a bit heavy handed with feedings 😂 the tanks all look amazing. Love the progress in this journal.
  11. Oh wow. I’ve not encountered tap like that. But also newbie to the hobby. And my water is basically Ro water outta the tap. It’s been. A crazy hard few month getting things cycled after Kh and ph issues. And big box store let me get the wrong substrate in first place.
  12. Jusy curious as to what your ammonia levels are showing. I’ve been on several forums and met Quite a few people with the same issue as I. Cycled tanks get never get ammonia to 0. I always have the api master kit read .25 or slightly between 0-.25 it drives me crazy. I did but the ammonia filter removing media to see if it helps but will take a bit to see if that rids me of the remaining readable ammonia.
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