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  1. Hornwort been in about 2 months stems 3 weeks
  2. Hornwort been in about 2 months stems 3 weeks
  3. 29 gallon over a year old. Crypts, Anubis, sword plants, dwarf tiger Lily growing like crazy but stems plants and any floating plants die off in about two weeks but hornwort does fine. Light is on 8 hour a day it’s a Fluval 2.0starts off low and only goes to 50% brightness for 4 hours then dims down. no red blue or green used. Ammonia 0 nitrite 0 nitrate 20 ph 75 hardness 75 chlorine 0 salvinia minima even died after a week. I also use coop proof tabs and easy green. Any ideas
  4. Thank you for the information I’m doing water changers keeping nitrate close to zero. Added salt and trying to get meds into state.
  5. 60 gallon tank no plants anymore. Wife had me remove them believes caused the septicemia. Horn wort and Java fern. Ammonia 0 Nitrite 9 Nitrates 10 ph 7.6 water temp 72 current room temp. 4 common goldfish smallest 4inches biggest 6 inches and 2 hill stream loaches. What can I treat with other than melafix and pimafix there not working. Oh and I live in California
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