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  1. @xXInkedPhoenixX I just wanted to provide an update and say thank you for the guidance. It looks like his popeye has gone down substantially so that is amazing. Oddly, the thing on his cheek fell off and the bump on his head appears to have ruptured so he is now missing a few scales. I'm going to do another dose of kanaplex and keep up on water changes so it doesn't get infected and hope it isn't anything more serious. Perhaps the fluid behind his eye just needed a way out, or some sort of infection reacted to the meds/salt. He is still very peppy, swimming and eating 🙂 Fingers crossed he makes it.
  2. @xXInkedPhoenixXgreat thank you. I'll start Kanaplex straight away. I should have enough for one round @TheSwissAquaristthank you, I'm sure hoping I can save the little guy.
  3. @xXInkedPhoenixX of course. I have a small bit of kanaplex and jungle fungus clear (before they were banned). I have Melafix, Pimafix, Paraguard, and salt. I put one Indian Almond Leaf in with him when I brought him home. I should also note he occasionally twitches while swimming. Not sure if it is related
  4. Hi all, hoping you can help. Perhaps @Colu @Chick-In-Of-TheSeayou have some insight. This past weekend there was a very sad looking betta at my LFS so I wanted to bring him home to try to help. It appears he has diamond eye (nothing can be done) but in his one eye he also had popeye. I brought him home, put him in a quarantine tank and did 1tbsp aquarium salt for 3.5g (size of hospital tank). He is swimming, eating and super inquisitive but it appears that he has now developed a bump on the top of his head and something is going on under the popeye eye. I put pics although they aren't the best. I'm not sure if it is bacterial, fungus, parasite or a damaged scale from the popeye. The spot isn't moving so I'm leaning to not a parasite. In Canada we are limited on meds so I'm hoping any insight on what it might be and how I could treat it. I can up the dose of salt to 2 tbsp for the 3.5g straight away. I'd love to be able to save this little guy.
  5. BCGirl


    @Colu I tried the salt and methylene blue already to no avail but if the Jungle Fungus/Kanaplex doesn't work I'll consider it again.
  6. BCGirl


    @Coluthank you. I don't have enough to get 5 full days and the extra dose (as we can't get these meds in Canada) but I'll do as much as I can and hope for the best.
  7. BCGirl


    @Columy tetras still seem to be suffering from columnaris and one of their mouths is slowing rotting away. I've seen your other posts about using Jungle Fungus Cure which I have some of. I just want to make sure I'm reading it right, do you recommend a full dose daily? They are in a 10G quarantine so that would be two tabs a day. I have a bit of Kanaplex left although I'm not sure how much and I tried it already to no avail. I'd still really like to save my tetras if possible. The albino corys who are in the original tank seem to have escaped unfazed (thankfully).
  8. BCGirl


    @TeeJay I gradually reduced from 76.3 to 73-73.5
  9. BCGirl


    @Colu@Chick-In-Of-TheSea I just wanted to provide an update. I know I am in no way out of the woods as this can take some time but I have not lost anymore corys (fingers crossed) and have lost one more tetra and may lose another who looks worse for wear although I'm still holding out hope. The light at the end of the tunnel is that my corys got frisky when I reduced the temp to keep the spread of illness to a minimum and decided to breed. So I now have another tank set up with some fry in it that I hope survive. Thank you both again for your help. I do truly appreciate it.
  10. BCGirl


    @ColuHow long would you treat the fish with that level of salt? I suspect it may be different for the tetras than the corys.
  11. BCGirl


    @Chick-In-Of-TheSeaof course. I would never nuke them all, I love them dearly. Just when the symptoms become too much they don't seem to stand a chance. The light just came on the tank for this morning and so far all look ok except for one julii's mug is turning white and he's rapidly breathing so I expect he won't be long in this world 😞 I've got the 10Ghospital tank up and will start moving the tetras. Once they're all moved over I'll administer the two levels of treatment recommended and hope for the best.
  12. BCGirl


    @Chick-In-Of-TheSea Thank you both for your replies. I cannot get Jungle Fungus here although I do have some that I managed to get awhile back. I may go that route if the salt isn't working. As corys are so sensitive to salt, I'll separate them from my tetras and salt the tetras at your higher recommendation @Coluand treat the corys in the existing tank with the lower dose (as I have loads of plants they are more likely to survive the lower salt dose). My nerite will just have to fly solo in a wee aquarium I have for a few days. I'm more than certain it is columnaris. The first three julii corys that passed, which were new, I couldn't have been sure because there were no visible symptoms. But then the next morning my betta had the white lipstick look, two other juliis had white fuzz spots and one tetra went from fine to half a discolored/white body within hours. I removed any symptomatic fish to quarantine immediately. Once symptoms appeared the fish were dead within a matter of hours (I've been keeping a very close eye) which is why I was wondering about treating the whole tank as the fatality rate is so incredibly fast and it seems significantly more humane to euthanize them (clove oil) then let them suffer a few hours in a quarantine tank before succumbing. So heartbreaking. I love my fish. I just hope some of them survive this mess I've created.
  13. BCGirl


    I unfortunately have an outbreak of columnaris in my 30g community tank. I added new fish and sadly didn’t quarantine them (rookie mistake). My fish are dropping like flies. I’ve been removing any that appear sick to a quarantine tank and treating with Kanaplex unsuccessfully as I expect I’m catching it too late. My question is should I just treat all the fish in my community tank with Kanaplex in case they are sick and not symptomatic so they have a better chance of survival (neons and corydoras). I have one netrite I realize I’ll have to remove. I’m in Canada so the availability of meds is limited. There really isn’t much else available here and salt isn’t an option with my Corys. Any feedback is appreciated as I don’t want to lose all my fish. Water parameters are good. I keep my temp at 76.3 but am slowly reducing it to try to stop the spread.
  14. Thanks @Colu. It is a hard one and I am glad it hasn't killed him. I'm one tablet into the Jungle Fungus treatment and will do a second dose tomorrow. Sure hope it improves.
  15. @Colu Of course. It is an established tank Ammonia 0 Nitrites 0 Nitrates 5, temp 76 20% water changes weekly (netrites poop a lot). Tetras (6) have been in there for about 9 months. Started out as a smallish spot and grew gradually. Nothing new was added, except maybe one plant from a reputable store and the timing didn't coincide with growth of the spot. All other tetras are fine. I did add two more tetras at one point and didn't quarantine them (idiot) and they brought ick but I was able to treat it and all survived and the spot was in existence at the time. I think it stressed him obviously as he did get a bit of a fungus on his lip after the ick but the paragaurd got rid of that right away. All that is left is the blackish growth.
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