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  1. levamisole only paralyzes these worms. Fenbendozal is better choice if want to fully kill them. Both mixed with food and in tank. In combonation with epsom salt for passing them. But will want to remove snails before hand.
  2. I have and use Cupramine. What i have seen is... Mystery and ramshorns snails dont like it. Takes them while to recover (day or 2). But it doesnt kill them. Even at full strength dose. This is just in my tanks though.
  3. Ok so i managed to get hitch hiker scuds in one my tanks. Tanks empty atm. But will be adding new strain guppy soon. My question is... Will scuds harm guppy fry?
  4. Hello every. Im Richard. From DFW area in texas. Up to 8 tanks setup. Collecting smaller tanks now to start setting up racks. So far im breeding assortment of mystery snails. Blue ramshorns. Super red plecos. And guppies. Atm on guppies have nebula steels, snake skin, blue cobras, american purples, and a ton of mutts. Plan to get many more strains of them, and plecos. Im trying to stock up before i start trying sale anything. Anyway been trying to get to know some other hobbyist. It makes things more fun. Hope to get to know some of you. Long time fan of both corys and micheals utube channels.
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