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  1. I bought a few plants from my LFS and found these worms in the sink during the H2O2 soak. Worms are a new one for me. Any info is appreciated.
  2. JettsPapa I was really hoping that my dwarfs would he the exception but sad to say, Nope. One of the neons decided he wants to run the tank and is charging at the other 2, he is chasing around a couple danios as well. Man this sucks. Do I separate him and until females are found or try to rehome him? My other tank is a Pea Puffer Palace and anything that goes in with them doesn't come out.
  3. I thought I would throw in a few large Ramshorn in the pea Palace to clean up a bit... Yeah once the peas saw them it was game over for the snails. The peas would take bites and the snails would retreat. Any chance they had to take a bite out of them and I couldn't stand to see the snails suffer a slow piece by piece death so I pulled them to safety. Now I feed them the baby's, at least it is over quick for them.
  4. I have 3 dwarf gouramis (2 neon blue, 1 flame), 2 yoyo loaches, 10 Longfin zebra danios in my 40 breeder. They have been together about a week after quarantine and so far everyone is playing nice with each other. ETA - all 3 of my gouramis are male and they are the least aggressive of all the fish in the tank. I haven't been able to find any females
  5. I just purchased the Edsal heavy duty rack at Home Depot for my new 40 breeder. I paid 79.00 for the 36 w 18 d 60 H, I am only using half of it at this point. I know several muscle rack systems come in smaller dimensions 24 W or 30 W.
  6. Aside from my Yoyo's, I have 2 kids 6 and 7 and these two little pug babies. Rose and Stella, Double Trouble for sure
  7. Maracyn, ich x and paraguard are what he has been treated with.
  8. Behaving oddly is putting it mildly, they are insane, amusing and that is what made me love them. Water parameters are fine, he is a loaner and the other 2 leave him alone. I believe he was either born with something wrong or had it before I brought him home. He has grown maybe half an inch, he would be "normal" ( loach normal) and then start flashing out of control, would have weird spasms like he had no control of the back half of his body, he swam vertically, if he wasn't anchored under something he would float upside down. Not all at the same time, it was one starts and stops, the other starts and so on. I researched and went to local fish stores with video for help. He would get better but this last time was too much, he doesn't swim just sits on his back on the bottom, today there is cotton fungus on his tail, he is wasting away and treating him is doing more harm than good. Thank you for your input 🙂
  9. New to the hobby. Husband bought a tank for the kids, added water, glo fish and food...voila a week later they had all crossed the rainbow bridge. I took over the aquarium like all other living things in our home. I did my homework, fishless cycled the tank, threw out the spongebob decor and opted for live plants, lava rock and driftwood. My tank was spotless, cycled and ready for me to decide what fish I wanted when I noticed teeny tiny things on the glass. Snails, bladder snails...lots of tiny snails. If I took out 5 the next day there were 10, I couldn't keep up and needed help. Help arrived in the form of a single yoyo loach...he saved the day and eradicated the snails...all was right in the world. Eventually Yoyo got bored playing with the giant mystery snail and so I brought home some playmates, more yoyos of course. They have been together for several months now, the original yoyo and a newbie are getting big and fat. The littlest one has struggled, he has never grown bigger than an inch, he would have a good stretch for a few weeks and then I would find him gasping at the top or laying down, he would be quarantined and treated, I would stay up watching so if he passed he wasn't alone but he would always make a comeback. This time he isn't getting better, he is getting progressively worse and is suffering. I have to put him down and it sucks. Sorry for the long intro, I think it is my way of stalling. Keep baby fish in your thoughts please. -Tara
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