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  1. Which substrate i must choose ?? A substrate with no ammonia ?
  2. And which substrate should i put , because the soils leach ammonia?
  3. HalloI have a 30ltr aquarium with red cheries and ember tetras and i want to change the aquascape. I have a simple black gravel ,and now i want to put new substrate (dennerle shrimp king soil and deponit mix)How can i do this ? Can i put the shrimps and fishes somewhere with aquarium water?
  4. Hallo !!Im gonna make a 30ltr planted shrimp aquarium with neocaridinas( maybe yellow one's) and i will use shrimp king active soil as a substrate and maybe nano deponit mix, easy plants (i will not use co2, only seachem flourish and excel) . I want a iwagumi awuascape.I want to know how to do the cycling of the tank from day one ,for example how many water changes ,if i put flourish , does anyone know how to help me?
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