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  1. They've been eating live blackworms daily for the past few months without any problems. We haven't had much success feeding them anything dry or frozen, however it seems like they'll also eat live baby brine shrimp, and they would probably like other kinds of live food (white worms, vinegar worms) as well. Assuming you're in the Seattle area, you can try buying a starter colony of blackworms from Aquarium Zen or Ivy's Axolotls and then breed more at home (we followed this guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7HQVvRn69o). There are also several online retailers, including Ivy's Axolotls, which sell live blackworms online.
  2. Hey everyone, Can someone help ID this mysterious thing that showed up in my tank today? I'm thinking that it is either a dried aquarium leech (planaria?) that I accidentally added with some live black worms that I bought today, or the empty shell of an Aquarium Co-op Root Tab which I added to my tank a month ago. . . Thanks, Jacob
  3. Thanks for the advice, Colu! I bought some live black worms today and the gobies all love them 🙂
  4. Hey folks, The three Lipstick Gobies (1M, 2F) that I bought last week haven't been eating very much. I'm reaching out to the Aquarium Co-op community to see if anyone can give me advice for how to feed them. From what I've read online, Lipstick Gobies are micro-predators that will only eat high-quality live and frozen foods. I've tried feeding them a variety of different foods with varying levels of success: Hikari Frozen blood worms: Only the male will eat these. I have tried to using tweezers to the feed others. Hikari Frozen Daphnia: The gobies completely ignore these, even when dropped directly beside them with a pipette. Live Baby Brine Shrimp: The gobies eat these but probably not enough with the other fish in my tank. Am I missing any obvious foods / feeding techniques? I'd be happy to get any advice on feeding these gobies, and to hear any stories about your own Lipstick Gobies. Thanks, Jacob
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