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  1. Any body elese use these in their tanks or sumps? I do and think they are a great house for BB or am I wrong?
  2. I'm sure that the BB in his filter would all but die off in a week. I hope he takes the advice you have given and turns it back on and soon cause BB needs oxygenated water passing over it for it to survie.
  3. Not saying your wrong but I think I would have just removed the activated carbon. With that said I would clean it out befor starting it back up
  4. Brotia Pagodula Snail – Detailed Guide: Care, Diet and Breeding - Shrimp and Snail Breeder (aquariumbreeder.com)
  5. I'm okay with that, especialy if its going to be a benfit to my wet pets
  6. I have a bichir also, I only feed him soft pellets but he will go around the tank eating on the shrimp pellets also and at times he will eat some flake food if he caan beat the fire mouths to it.
  7. Thanks for the reply. I'm think I might start using it also, pretty much just like you're doing.
  8. A lot of folks remove the leave due to the decay of it cause they don't like the look and parts of the decaying leaves will clog the filter. I just leave it in my tank, but my tank is not a betta tank, so, it just depends on you and the look you want. As for the chemistry of the water, Im not sure, I have never had a water issue while using IAL.
  9. Do you usee it? If so, is helping/making a diffrence?
  10. I never once said one thing bad are bashed, just said its not a good idea and I will stand by that. I even offered advice to help.
  11. big pot, put the indian almond leaves in it, pour some hot water over the leaves, let the leaves sit for a day or so in this water, this should cause the tannis to leach out......repeat if you need to make sure.
  12. I raise ram horn snails for my pea puffers and feed blood wroms, brine shrimp , and currently trying to hatch out some Daphnia eggs to start raising them to feed to the puffers
  13. Ummmmmm, Hmmmmmm, Errrrrrrrrr, somrthing just don't sound right about tumms in a fish tank.....lol
  14. one more thing, if you have an extar air pump and stone lying around, I would put it to work in that tank to help oxygenate the water more.... good luck,hope the fish will be okay
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