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  1. mine do this from time to time, never really found out why never had a die off so I stopped worrying about it.... Love the tank!!!!😍
  2. well I guess thats a simple way of saying it, its just really hard for me to fall for this bottled bacteria in a bottle when I know the BB will crash with out food and oxygen and water flow. I just don't feel bottle bacteria is the right bacteria or you could say the right aquatic bacteria. I think this bottle bacteria leads a lot folks down the wrong path of a cycling a tank.......just my .02 seen it and have read about it way to many times.
  3. Will if there is a nerm out there that can explain how it helps cycle a tank plz explain, I would like to know......
  4. I knew you would reply, and thanks for the link. I agree with you but still wanted to ask the question to hear what others think. I think companies should not put the idea out there that there is such a thing. I know why they do it though $$$$$$$$
  5. Is there such a thing as true bottled bacteria? I only ask cause I see it posted as info for helping with tank cycling. If there is bottled bacteria how does the bacteria stay alive in a bottle??????
  6. I did not read all the post of info that has been given but will say this. Daily water changes and Prime is your friend when a tank is not cycled.....
  7. youtube and google is your friend. I have resealed a 150 gallon tankand it was work, my first go around the tank leaked so I had to restrip down all the silicone again and redo it.......I used black silcon I'm not the one to give the steps on how I did it I just did it but I will say a good razor scraper lots of razors and Acetone......DON'T FORGET THE ACETONE. When you think you have all the silicone scraped off think again make sure you feel no left over old silicone, cause new silicone does not bound well with old silcon......
  8. Hmmmmm, what kind of clams? I can get my hands on some freesh water clams from the creek.
  9. How To Remove Staghorn Algae In Aquariums - Shrimp and Snail Breeder (aquariumbreeder.com)
  10. can you take the moss brige out
  11. what is it attached to, you maybe able to pull what ever it is attached to out and clean it with tap water. I'm fighting a little bit of it myself in my 100 gallon tank, didn't have this issue untill I started using easy green from co-op.....that want happen again. I hate any of the ideas they say to use to get rid of Stag, none of them are really safe and can cause more harm than good if not done right. I do know I will not use the Peroxide treatment, I have fish that will be like, oh cooool look at the bubbles lest go chase them...... Good luck....
  12. I have seen it happen with wild caught fish. I also had a tire trk eel starve, would not eat for nothing( wild caught). With that said you have created the problem you have right now, I been down that road before, go a day or 3 with out feeding and they will change thir minds. I also saved myself a lot of money when I stopped buying so many diffrent fish foods a mixed diet is good but over kill is bad for the checking account over time.......
  13. from what I have read, rotten egg smell is normal, nothing wrong with it.... but do a little research on it I'm sure you'll find your answer....
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