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  1. So I collected the new tank and transferred everything from old to new (see first pic). No losses, all fish are happy. As for the old tank, a friend has taken it and we attempted a repair this afternoon, using a piece of aluminium, 1 metre by 3 cm (second pic). Hopefully it repairs well and provides enough bracing to keep the front panel nice and straight.
  2. I'll definitely give it a go. Wife already has her hoarding antennae up though so we'll see
  3. Just got some fantastic news. They are going to replace the tank. No charge. I pick the new one up in the morning. I'm stoked
  4. Has anyone outside of the US used a freight forwarding company to reship coop products overseas? If so, any recommendations or tips would be great, Thanks https://www.choice.com.au/shopping/online-shopping/buying-online/articles/shopmate-and-us-freight-forwarding-services
  5. Thanks for all the input - I will continue to monitor for now and make some enquiries about repairs
  6. This is the tank https://www.petbarn.com.au/grandview-290-aquarium-tank-set-290l-120-w-x-45-d-x-65-76cm-h-black
  7. Some say drain it some say don't stress. Not sure what to do. What would the next step be if I drained it?
  8. I haven't removed anything, however did notice a crack the glass that the glass lid sits on. Would this be causing the flexing?
  9. I topped up the tank this afternoon with around 12 litres of water. When I placed the glass lids back on top, they almost fell in because the gap where the lid sits is now so much bigger. I then placed the plastic tops over that and they almost fell in as well. Yesterday these were perfectly flush, but now I measured 6mm gap between the middle of the lid and the front panel! I can push it back to where it was with a fair amount of force, but then it immediately flexes back as soon as I take my weight off it. Is this normal? Should I be asking for a replacement tank?
  10. I have added a few more fish, the tank is currently stocked with 10 neon tetra, 3 guppies 1 small male and 2 females that are twice his size, and 3 dwarf gourami (flame). Still nothing measurable in the tests. Also added a few plants - 2 valisneria and two baby tears. Not sure which plant that is in the right side of the tank. I have ordered a water pump, which should arrive by Wednesday. Once that arrives I will bust open the filter and remove the zeolite, and see if that changes anything.
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