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  1. Yeah I understand the theory that the fine sponge is to catch the particles, however I would expect that those particles would be caught at the entry side of the sponge or inside the sponge and not on the exit side of the sponge. The entry side of the sponge has no sediment or particles. This doesn't support the idea that the water is travelling through the sponge in the way it's designed to. Another reason I feel the water is bypassing the trays is the quality of the water column inside the tank. What I mean by that is without a prefilter on the intake the water is not clear, despite there being 3 sponges in the filter that the water is meant to pass through. Once I put the prefilter on the intake, the water became crystal clear overnight. There is no way that the water can bypass the prefilter and is therefore mechanically filtered and produces clear water.
  2. The bottom tray has 3 sponges starting with coarse, then medium then fine.
  3. Unfortunately I don't have access to easy green (Australia). I have a pretty heavily planted 75g tank, understocked. Is there a similar product to easy green that I could grab from amazon or ebay etc?
  4. I meant to put this in general discussion or anywhere else more appropriate. Not sure that I can move it myself. Appreciate if a mod could move. Thanks!
  5. My pre-filter was clogged so I removed it, and when I did the filter started making a rattling noise as it began moving water again. I pulled it apart and did a clean - the first one in about 6 weeks. Not sure what was causing the rattle, but it seemed back to normal once I put it back together and turned it on. What I've been noticing when I take it apart is that the lowest tray, which has 3 sponges, is that there is always a decent amount of sediment on top of the top sponge, the fine sponge. This makes me think that the water is not moving through the sponges and it would have not allowed any sediment to settle there due to the movement of the water. I feel like the flow of water is taking the path of least resistance by flowing through the pretty significant gaps between the trays and the panels of the filter housing. The filter is a pretty large diameter with a couple of millimeters all the way aorund. It seems that would allow for a pretty decent flow of water. If that is the case, it would be bypassing the trays and straight out the top and back into the tank, and rendering the media largely useless. The trays themselves feel pretty flimsy and bendy, so you need to be very careful putting the trays back so they line up perfectly. It's very easy for them to sit on top of the other trays wonky and not lined up. The nitrates are always over 20 despite having heaps of media designed to deal with nitrates and also what I'd say is a pretty heavily planted tank. Is water bypass a thing or am I just being paranoid??
  6. I have a film of tiny particles covering the surface of my tropical tank. They are so small they go straight through a net making them hard to get rid of even manually. I assume it's the remnants of flake food that doesn't sink for whatever reason, but still breaks up as it tumbles through the wash from the (canister) filter outlet. It looks almost like two layers of film moving over each other. Strange. I'm wondering if a surface skimmer would be a good idea. I don't need a filter/skimmer combo as I already have the canister and a sponge filter connected to an air line. Would one of these be ok? LINK 1 LINK 2
  7. I bought 4 clown loaches from the LFS to get rid of my pond snails. 2 weeks later and they have tiny white spots over them. I don't have a quarantine tank so they went straight into my 300 litre tank. In that tank I also have 20 neon tetras, 4 Cory's, 3 kuhli loaches, 4 Otto's, 5 Harlequin rasboras, 2 mystery snails that have just laid eggs, and a dwarf gourami. I do have one other small 20l tank that has 5 guppies and a molly as residents. I have read that clown loaches have their own specific white spot that they get, so I'm hoping it doesn't spread to the other fish. What would be my best course of action to cure my loaches? I don't mind utilising the smaller tank if needed. Also should I be asking for my money back on the infested loaches?
  8. Curious to know your tanks dimensions. I have a 75 gallon but mine seems taller than a usual 75 gallon
  9. Someone else posted this on the forums - I use it every time Although the colour for 10 and 20 Nitrate looks exactly the same to me, also for o and o.25 ammonia
  10. I have one. They are great. I calibrated before first use and haven't calibrated since. After I use it I rinse in demineralised water. If I had to also calibrated every time it would no longer be convenient.
  11. Thanks guys. If I used assassin snails then how would I get rid of those after their job was done?
  12. What's the best way to get rid of them? At first it was just a few that got in with some plants. But they must have had a breeding frenzy. I'm manually squashing about 30 every day and they just reappear an hour later. I've read that they are beneficial but I find them unsightly.
  13. I bought those alert monitors as well but found them to be useless in my tank. I threw them out
  14. I use Prime with water changes. API liquid? Do you mean biostarter?
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