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  1. @Jungle Fan I pulled the Sword up and trimmed the browning leaves, the plant still feels firm and I saw the very beginning of two new leaves so Hopefully it just needs more time. Its back in the water with a root tab under it.
  2. I have easy green I can start using, since I got the lights they are getting about 8-9 hours of light a few days much longer as I forgot to set the timer, though a friend of mine did a light test and said its medium intensity at best. The tank is 75G, and still being cycled so no fish yet. In the tank, are the 3 swords, a bulb plant, and 2 Anubis nana petites, it previously had 3 types of Anubis but they all caught a rot and were replaced. I will slip this one a root tab and check to see if its still firm.
  3. Yes these were all from the same source (Aquarium co-op), picture #1 and #3 are actually the same plant that broke into 2 plants. I have a powdered fertilizer that's mixed with Water and I add the water to the aquarium periodically (about weekly), in addition to the root tabs. For lighting, I just got a week ago " hygger Advanced Full Spectrum LED Aquarium Light with 24/7 Lighting Cycle 6 Colors 5 Intensity Customize Fish Tank Light for 48-54 in Freshwater Planted Tank with Timer"; previously it was just indirect sunlight from a window. I have not bothered the plant to check the roots, will that harm it?
  4. I purchased 2 Amazon Swords, one after I separated it from its pot and wool became 2 swords, I planted both in my graven with root tabs a few inches around it as per instructions on bottle. The swords have been in the tank for about 3 weeks, two are a nice green and one is a paler green, I haven't seen any new growth, so is this plant still doing ok and I'm just worrying for nothing or is it struggling?
  5. Thank you, this helps tremendously, The rhizome is all that is left on the plants, took them out to trim it the leaves completely detached, I put the rhizome and roots back into the tank, hoping they recover. How long before you consider the plant dead beyond recovery?
  6. Yes the Plants were tied to a Piece of wood. I went to my LFS and talked to them, I am still cycling the tank so my parameters are high Ammonia ~ 2.00ppm, Nirates ~2.0 PPM Nitrite ~20 PPM, and PH was ~7.4. The tank is sitting at 79-80 degrees. The Tank has no animals in it, and its only room heated, light was indirect sunlight from a window, I just got an actual light yesterday I decided to remove the plants to trim off the dead/ dying leaves and they all fell off so now they are just a rhizome with roots, I put them back in the tank not tied to anything. Hoping they recover. The anubia is a anubias frazeri
  7. Yes, the one on the right with a single green leaf left, I am not concerned with what Type of anubias it is, I really am looking for how I can help it, Or is it beyond help?
  8. Yes My smaller ones are "anubias nanna petite" I have Larger ones that are melting that are a different type of anubias but I cant remember the name of them, I got them from my LFS and am pretty sure they were grown out of water and I am seeing the melt back. I've watched the Plants deficiencies 101 video, but they don't answer my questions, I am working with a brand new uncycled tank, with New to the aquarium plants, its only mentioned in passing that new to aquarium plants will melt back (turn brown and yellow) but I was not seeing information on what to do in regards to that plant. Should I : A) Cut dying leaves and leave in tank for nutrients? B) Cut dying leaves and Remove from Tank? C) Leave the dying leaves on the plant and wait for new growth? I tied the Taller anubias, to some sticks as I was told to not plant in substrate, but the roots appear to be covered with a Bio-film from the wood, should I remove the plant and rinse this off, or leave it be and wait? There are no fish in the tank to eat it and I don't know if its harming the plant or not.
  9. I am currently cycling a brand new 75G tank, its been up for a week now, and I believe its in the Nitrogen spike. I am fishless cycling so fish food is being added along with bacteria (the refrigerated kind) and fertilizer for the plants. I have Very small Amazon swords and two types of Anubis. Taller Anubis that I cant remember the name of and some Nano petits. The Taller Anubis are melting back greatly, while cycling should I cut the dying leaves or leave them in the tank and on the plant for ammonia production? Pictures below are Tank on day plants were added and today one week later.
  10. I just received the test strips and took a few to test my Tap water, the Hardness is Purple (bright purple) and all the boxes on the guide are shades of blue. How do I read this?
  11. thank you for the feed back, I am aware the sponge filters will still need normal aquarium maintenance ( I only previously had experience with HOB as It was a simple plug and play item that my brain could wrap around). Since the tank is 75 gallons I will take the advice and get two large ones, if it proves to be too much I can down grade one to a small and move the second one to the 39G. That said, is here a recommended air pump? I see the one listed on Aquarium co-op is a HUGE one and I am at most having 2 tanks and don't think I would need one that large. but would like as quiet as one as I can reasonably get. Thank you again for the suggestions its helping tremendously.
  12. Hello! I am a returning Newb to the fish keeping community. A few years ago I got a 39 gallon aquarium but I didn't know much and made a bunch of mistakes, when I lost the last of my fish I drained the tank and let it alone. I have since moved and am Getting back into the hobby with a 75g, keeping the 39 as a quarantine tank and am wanting to try plants this time. I have been listening to a bunch of YouTube videos and reading up on fish so I feel I am much better informed this time. I am having some questions regarding the Sponge filters, with a 75 gallon, should I look into getting more than one sponge filter or will a single Large be enough?
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