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  1. I was thinking of Zebra danios. I was just told they might be aggressive. Monte Carlo for a carpet, Vallisneria in the background, and some crypticoryne Parva. I’m getting some lava rocks from flip aquatics as well.
  2. I’m thinking about stocking 10 danios and 6 cherry shrimp into a planted 20 gallon long tank. Are there any issues with this? Is it under or over stocked?
  3. I was thinking about putting in a metal or maybe plastic scale plane model in my aquarium and then growing moss or maybe Monte Carlo over it. Would that be in anyway harmful to the fish? And what are somethings to watch out for? I’ve heard koi and copper don’t mix so I was curious.
  4. I was thinking on running a sponge filter in my 20 gallon long tank. Can I use the usb nano to get the job done or will it be to under powered? If I can’t please give me some good recommendations.
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