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  1. Thank you, that’s what I figured. It’s “off the charts”. I also noticed my buffer and PH is lower than expected.
  2. I just started using the aquarium co-op testing strips. Here’s a picture after testing one of my tanks. As you can see the KH purple color does not match. Any experience with this? What does this mean? Thank you!
  3. Hi Opie, Yes, for sure! I find that as I am researching and gathering information about a specific region or body of water I certainly end up learning about the history, people, plants and animals of that area of the world. Hi Colu, Yes, I have that book as well. Tons of great information! Hi Brandon p, Agreed, I think botanical aquariums of all kinds are fascinating. I am developing a South American biotope now. It is of the upper Solimoes (Amazon) River in Peru. This particular part of the river is considered 'whitewater' because of the muddy coloration from all the sediment washed down river from the Andes Mountains.
  4. Agreed! I am all about the Biotopes. In fact, I’m in the process of building a biotope gallery fish room. Half the fun is researching the environments and finding the fish, plants, substrate, etc of that special part of a river, lake or stream.
  5. Thank you Colu. I did dose salt a few days ago. I will keep an eye on it and use the medication. All the best,
  6. 7.2 pH, 0 Nitrites, 10 Nitrates. Seems to be eating and swimming just fine. No other fish seem affected. The area is raised. Thank you,
  7. I just noticed this mark on the outside of one of my black skirt tetras. I’ve had these for over a year. Temp is at 79-80, I just did a 50% water change and dosed 7 TBS of salt into 75 gallon tank. This fish seems fine.
  8. Thank you Colu! I will work on getting some more plant cover in there.
  9. I have a ten gallon tank with Val, Java fern, rocks and wood. It is stocked with an Amano shrimp, nitrite snail, assassin snail and five Xenophallus umbratilis (golden teddies). Three female, two male. The tank runs at 75-76 degrees. I have an auto feeder on it that feeds twice a day. I also feed micro worms five days a week. I have had them in there for 6 months. I have not seen any fry yet. Any suggestions or ideas? Thank you!
  10. He’s an update on my build. I’ve started installing the drainage for my auto water change system. Please let me know your thoughts, questions or suggestions. Thank you! https://youtu.be/Qjt6lge5yaA
  11. Thank you Lefty and Struggle. Yes, I have a hot and cold water source in that space, see photo. For drainage, I have a downspout off of the roof that drains into a black ADS corrugated pipe that runs underground. That drain is just on the other side of the cement/cinder block outside of the garage. My thought was to drill a hole in the block and install a pvc pipe that runs into that drainage pipe outside. Thoughts on that? Thank you in advance.
  12. I’m building a fish room in a 9’8” x 9’8” kickout area of my attached garage. I’ve installed electrical outlets, insulated the attic above the space, framed out, insulated and dry walled the fourth wall. My plan is a gallery type set up. What do you think is my next step in this build?
  13. Yeah, I’ve had a lot of luck with this plant in a couple of tanks. I’ve found provided you have enough light it will start spreading. I do trim it a little so that the longer leaves don’t completely block out the light to the lower leaves.
  14. My GH is around 215. It must be the ferts. It’s the only thing that’s changed recently.
  15. Awesome! Thank you. Here are the stats for my tank if anyone is interested. 20g high, gravel substrate, Nicrew light, light is on a timer, 9.5 hours a day, tank has been set up for 16 months. Only plant is Val, I fertilize .5 mL twice a week with Synthesis for plants. The tank runs at 7.6, 0 Nitrites, 40 Nitrates, 77 degrees.
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