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  1. Great. Thanks. I’ve had plants melt back before just not to this degree so I wanted to make sure I didn’t bungle these up
  2. Bought two pots of Brazilian pennywort from the Coop. I expected some melt but two weeks in they look like the pictures. Will they bounce back? Dose easy green. Water is hard. Temp is around 78-79.
  3. So now I have a whole lot of wrigglers when should I start feeding them? I made a paramecium culture to help.
  4. Thank you both! I’ll check out that other thread. I wasn’t sure I would get any response let alone one so fast. Take care.
  5. My rams laid eggs last night. I pulled them and they are now in a little specimen container with some methylene blue and an air stone. They are hanging inside the aquarium so they stay the same temp as where they were laid. They usually eat the eggs so this is the first spawn I have pulled. I don’t know what I am doing. Thank you!
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