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  1. You think they can add a pair of honey gouramis? Heard they like company.
  2. found a small sized one in my tank today, wondered where all the empty pond snail shells were coming from. Do they eat nerites, like smaller horned nerites? And should I get rid of it? I like pond snails, and I haven't been feeding the tank (very light stocking) because theres a lot of algae in different places.
  3. Cool! The only thing I know about Puget Sound is Jeremy Wade went there once t look at some octopus, the water looks so murky and dark. But I think native tanks (and not just in your country) are a really cool addition to a home.
  4. I usually get bored and move plants or buy new ones frequently, so I think I'll just go with the co op ones.
  5. agreed. and maybe dont put any goldfish in a 55 gallon. I put 2-3 platies in my 60g and was still nervous, even with a few bunches of wisteria and val.
  6. Wow. I have PFS like 2" to 3" down but I'm kinda nervous, I have shrimp and fish in a small tank. Yeah Ill just go with the co op or seachem ones then, whichever is easiest to get at the moment.
  7. Really? Wow I thought it was as popular as val. Huh, that is strange. Maybe I just need to try it out again, in a different tank.
  8. I also don't like killing plants.... Ok maybe I'll try em out next time Im shopping on Aquarium Co Op
  9. Nice. The Aquarium near where I live doesn't nearly have as much freshwater tanks, 99% are saltwater. Then again, I am on the California coast so it probably makes sense to focus on the ocean.
  10. yeah I agree. Good thing you didn't leave it outside with the lid off, then I would just advise putting very lightly diluted bleach in a water gun, kicking the bucket over, then running to a safe spot and start spraying. But just bleaching the wood would probably be a good call.
  11. You think I could use 1 like every month or even every few months? I feel like I would run out too quick since I want some in my val and crypts.
  12. @Brandy hm...Im planning to get some pygmy cories soon, Maybe if they're finicky I'll put some dry food in the capsule lol
  13. You think setting aside like half a capsule with some food would distract them enough to make them forget about it? Or are they just really attracted to it?
  14. Indeed. lol everyone raves about Easygreen-which I do have!- but no one really talks about Easy Root Tabs. Who knows, maybe 2021 is Corys years for his root tabs. I dunno
  15. But none of this solves the mystery of why your cories like it so much! I guess we'll never know.
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