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  1. Yeah...I've really never had any good luck with it, Im going to assume its something about my natural water (probably hardness) and it always rots off grows a tiny bit on the top and then everything rots off.
  2. ok cool I'll just combine everyones answers and simplify it to wait it out, water change, and add epsom salt.
  3. no, but i can if needed. Have a bottle of easygreen on hand from other tanks.
  4. A water softener? Not that I know of, but who knows, I dont own my property. I'll just pretend I do for the sake of the steps. Wow, it could be a magnesium deficiency, I suspected it for the ludwigia but left it alone since it looked healthy anyways. Lucky for me, I do have epsom salt. Now to just find a 1/8 teaspoon. I'll probably have to take a 1/4 teaspoon and try to measure a half of one out. Do you really think the leaves are al dying because of a magnesium deficiency? And no, the brown doesnt come away, I think its actually dying and not an algae coating it. I figured the algae coating it was killing it and then leaving, but if you say it rubs away it might not be that. But honestly last time I had brown diatom algae spots on my wisteria it didnt rub away either so...who knows. Like I said my wisteria is the only plant in there turning brown and yellow and dying- even with the ludwigia, the others look just fine without the curling. They still have those leaves though. Oh and I never did find my pamphlet for the test kit, so I just took the samples and compared em online. For my tank (changed water 100% around a week and a half ago), gh is 13-14 and kh is 6-7. Ph looks around 7.6 or higher, almost a darker sky blue. If it helps. And I dont know why I didnt say this earlier but my water provider says 7-9 on magnesium, 24-26 on calcium 7.7 on average for PH, less than .4 on nitrates and .4 for ammonia and chloramines. Anyways, thanks for the help, I just really hope wisteria turns out to be a thing I just cant grow. Because wow those stems and roots looked great when I got them.
  5. Yeah the suspense is killing me…but what can I do but wait? Just really hope all that formerly healthy bottom growth doesn’t wither away. It would also look pretty ugly.
  6. Yeah it might be the nitrates. Still kinda confusing me though because no other plant is going through this. Also I do plan on more water changes, but it’s kinda tiring when they really don’t do anything.
  7. Ok so I guess I have to type this all again since my phone basically deleted everything. Anyways, yeah like I predicted there are a ton of nitrates in the water (still kinda cycling with a little bit of cycled media in there) from the tank being dirted. Ammonia was a bit high but it settled down to around 0 ppm with a hint of green. All the snails in the tank are fine though, so it’s probably nothing to worry about. Nitrites are 0, like they’ve always been and nitrates are pretty high, a good crimson red. Can’t tell you exactly because I need to find my little kit pamphlet, and I will get back to you Roy when I find the pamphlet! For now I only have those though. The plants have been floating in the tank for a good week and I planted them around 2 weeks ago, but I rearranged them 11 days ago. It could be algae but none of the other stem plants (even my water sprite covered in hair algae) has these problems. Does diatom algae usually turn the rim of the leaf yellow and then brown? They get 7 hours of light and roughly a little bit more time with indirect sunlight (which explains why my Rotala and Ludwigia are growing a lot thicker) and I have no dosing. Yet. Wasn’t going to but if needed I will. Water change schedule (if needed) doesn’t really exist since I’m watching for ammonia and everything. The other day I did 4 100% water changes and the ammonia was still the same shade of green so I just left that. When the time does come though I think once every 2 weeks would be a good starter and then go from there. Oh yeah and yes there are a lot of other plants in that tank. The wisteria and the ludwigia had been at my LFs for some time so I got around 5 healthy stems each (actually probably a bit more for Ludwigia). And I live right on the edge of Los Angeles (practically in it) and my water provider is LADWP (if it helps). Still waiting for the bucket of water to sit for 24 hours so I can test it. Sorry for the unusual text, copied from Notes since I feared losing all of it again. Also it could be phosphates but I don’t feed any food into that tank (since that’s where a lot of plants get their phosphates from I hear?).
  8. Forgot to add but I’ve heard people say that it’s because it’s new, and that would really suck if all the old growth disappeared.
  9. So around 2 weeks ago I planted some wisteria into my dirted tank. And before anyone tells me it’s transitioning into submerged growth, I’m pretty sure the few months it’s had at the LFS would tell otherwise. Anyways looking at the standard deficiency charts I can’t really pinpoint what it is. The main pictures are from my wisteria that also happens to be killing all its roots and stem under the substrate off, so that could tell something. But I’ve noticed a yellow brown tint on all my wisteria. What deficiency, or deficiencies is it? Also is some of my Ludwigia shaped a little weird. One stem has the leaves kinda curled. Oh and positive it’s not nitrogen (from the dirt and all).
  10. Do you have dirt? You know what, forget dirt. Find a place with sunlight. Could be outside as long as it doesn’t get too hot or cold and has a cover like plastic wrap to protect it from all the nasty bugs you don’t want in there. Then take some rocks or filter media or whatever that isn’t a plant and chuck it in there. Then squirt like 5 pumps of Easygreen or maybe even more and then just wait.
  11. ok, what would you say is more fun and "better" in your eyes. Honestly the bright blue and red sound great to me even though I love the lemons black bars...but I want to know just how active they are compared to the lemons. Size...I dont know if it really matters since itll be heavily stocked.
  12. You could do that or maybe find a really big male platy to chase the endlers away or scare them off?
  13. Nah.....I would feel quilty but they become flies and flies are just an another level of "get it out of my house now" for me. Plus I assume the pressure and the temp of the tap water would kill them instantly without pain? No, discomfort.
  14. oh damn...you know what they say. the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Or is the cat now hunting the fish too? So its just a 3 way battle for your fish?
  15. its what my lfs had, but they also had serpaes. what makes serpaes..."better" than lemons to you?
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