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  1. I think my blood parrot is prolapsed. I've had her in a qt tank with 2tbsp/gallon of water for a week now, with no improvement or apparent worsening. If someone has successfully dealt with this before I'd love to hear what worked, she's my favorite fish. If she isn't prolapsed I'd love to hear that too, along with what you think it may be.
  2. I just set up a 50 today. Obviously it hasn't been running long..... But this is my new favorite hob as long as it doesn't die immediately. Build quality is relatively high, the media basket is actually great and it comes with a pre filter. I did block off the protein skimmer with a piece of sponge however.
  3. If you're in a part of the world with Menards stores the Xtreme garage racking is sold modularly so you can build different size stands and they're all super study. I don't even use the steel mesh and have always built a "floor" with 1x4s tied together with more 1x4s run below, because I'm scared of plywood getting wet and bubbling.
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