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  1. Just want to post a quick update, after feeding food mixed with kanaplex for about one and half weeks it seems to have stopped the infection from getting worse, though I think some damage has been done and one side of the fish's month looks a bit caved in, but at least I didn't lose him. I did notice him having a little problem getting bigger chunks of food into his mouth sometimes but overall he seems happy and healthy. The white bump on his fin has completely healed as well. Thanks everyone for the help and especially @Colu for the detailed instructions!
  2. got it, will get that ready, appreciate the help!
  3. Roger that, will get a 10 gallon ready today. The recipe also have Focus, i'm assuming Seachem Focus? Is that needed?
  4. Hi again, got some not so great update on this, this morning I noticed half of his upper lip seems to be swollen and rotting, almost like something took a bite out of it. I'm on the 6th day of ich-x and maracyn treatment, going to do a big water change today. But the medicine didn't seem to help. Is there anything else I can try? Also I did notice the tissue in that area was more pale than the other side yesterday, but it seems to have got a lot worse today. Other than that the fish is still eating and behaving normally and seem to be generally happy.
  5. thanks y'all, luckily i have both ich-x and maracyn on hand, will get a quarantine tank ready tomorrow and get this little guy in there.
  6. Hi guys, I just noticed this today, there's a white lump on the base of my male Apisto's pectoral fin. Can anyone tell me what this might be and if I should be concerned? The fish is active and behaving normally. There's also a little bit of weird growth on his upper lip that looks like peeling skin, not sure if its related, thanks! Water param is a bit on the harder side for apistos 7.4 PH, temp 78-82F from the front it's clearly raised, also the peeling skin looking thing on the upper lip is more obvious here. comparison from the other side, nothing wrong here.
  7. i've left them in there for a couple years and haven't noticed any problems.
  8. If you like Harlequin Rasbora I would just get 6-8 of those, I prefer lampchop rasboras because their orange is bit more prominent. They'll hang around mid to top level of the tank and provides a nice color contrast with the neon tetras.
  9. should be fine, they might just take a bit longer to hatch. My room is only 60 degrees so I use a small heater like this for my brine shrimp hatchery https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07DTH7F3F/ Might or might not work depends on your setup.
  10. If you believe in this chart, it's possible you got a mix of blue dream and blue velvet and they are crossbreeding.
  11. @Kat_Rigel hard to say, in my case the red spots only appeared on the body and would slowly spread over a few days. My only guess in my case is Hemorrhagic Septicemia, but it didn't respond to any anti-bacterial meds I used (erythromycin and maracyn 2), so I never confirmed what it was.
  12. different people have different definition of what humane breeding looks like. as far as online fish store goes i've heard good things about Aquatic Arts, who gets most of their stock from hobbyists. i know Oddball Aquatics on youtube works there and have a few videos on what their facility looks like, you can check it out and judge for yourself. https://www.youtube.com/c/Oddballaquatics/videos PS. i just checked their site, they have a bunch of tank bred bettas too.
  13. if you have a hangon back filter, you can also put the crushed coral in a filter media bag and place it in the filter. Since your tap water is more acidic than your tank water, the more water you change the more acidic it will be, but 10% water change a week shouldn't alter your PH level in a significant way, if you can get away with that then i think that's fine.
  14. you could try Hydrogen Peroxide, it's less potent than Easy Carbon but at the same time less harmful for your animals. i've had some success using it to spot treat green hair algae, but it always comes back a few weeks later.
  15. should be fine, just stir the water a bit after using it.
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