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  1. Im not sure how they were acting before they died as it was during the night. When I went to bed they seemed fine. I am not sure if my strips are accurate? They are the Tetra brand. So what your saying is with fish that have been shipped, dont acclimate, just put them right in if the temp if fine? The only reason I did acclimate for so long is I was worried the PH was so drastic.
  2. Thank you. I will check them out. Hopefully they ship to Canada 🇨🇦
  3. Thank you. Im pretty upset about it. Especially since I was saving up for them 😢
  4. I do have very hard water, have a separate batch that are currently in that tank since beginning and have not had any issues with them?
  5. I apologize in advance for the long post. Purchased 200 Cardinal Tetras from a wholesaler through a LFS for my 180. So LFS picked them up from the airport, and I took them straight from them. Got them home, 2 bags which seemed like a lot for 200 fish and they were TIIINY. Opened the bag and tested the water. Ammonia was 0 the PH was 8.4 which was surprising. My PH is 7.4 so I was concerned that would be a shock for them. I put them all in a bucket and added 1 cup of water from my quarantine tanks ever 15 minutes, over about 45 minutes (I dont normally take that long but I was really worried about the ph difference) I tested the Ammonia every 5 minutes and it was always 0. Got them into my quarantine tank (with established filter and air, temp at 80 and 1 tbsp salt per 3 gallon as I can not get meds in Canada) they seemed to settle. Next morning 90% were dead. Checked the water parameters temp was 80 ph 7.4 ammonia nitrates nitrites all 0. What did I do wrong?? I did not feed them, was it PH shock? Im pretty choked. Ive been keeping fish for a long time, have a very established 180 (3 years old), heavily planted. Have never had any issues quarantining fish before. Bad batch maybe?
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