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  1. He looks great. Comes to the glass when someone's nearby, exploring his little world. We've started feeding him a pellet or two every day and he hits those as soon as he sees them.
  2. He has been in the med trio concoction for eight days, I did the first water change last night. I'm concerned about the slow changes because I had to add water on day 6 (yes that diluted it slightly) because the nitrite level was 0.5 and it was too early to start water changes. All other levels were fine. I'll just keep watching the levels. What I don't understand (I read the blog first) is if the gradual water changes are necessary as a precaution in case some infection or whatever emerges over the second week or if removing the meds too quickly could harm the fish in some way. Would love to know the answer to that.
  3. Isn't that what I'm supposed to be doing with the daily water changes? I admit I'm not clear on why the water changes are so slow.
  4. I have a new betta in quarantine tank with the med trio. Tomorrow I start water changes. Can/should I also add a carbon filter?
  5. I only have a pleco in the tank, he's still looking fine. I had mollies in there, all healthy, but they wouldn't stop birthing babies so I rehomed them. I read dropsy is caused by a bacteria that's common in tanks but only affects fish if they're stressed or otherwise weakened. I hadn't planned to do anything other than keep it clean. I did thoroughly clean the quarantine tank, though.
  6. I'm so sorry. It sounds like you did everything possible, but he just didn't have the strength.
  7. I hope he's improved.
  8. Wow. I can't believe he's still hanging on. What a heart he has. I have no advice to offer but I'm pulling for him.
  9. She did not make it. I hope yours fared better.
  10. She's not eating, unfortunately. But she still moves around now and then, coming up to the surface then going back under a rock. I did a complete water change on my lunch break, increased the aquarium salt (2T/gal) and I added the antibiotic I could get at Petco, Melafix. Several people mentioned epsom salts, I had no idea that was fish safe. I don't have any but if I have to do another water change I'll look into it.
  11. I am in the same boat, but I also read online that success rates are higher than they used to be because of better treatment options. https://www.theaquariumguide.com/articles/how-to-euthanize-a-fish
  12. What about soaking it in a bucket for a week or so, testing the salinity before and after? I don't know much about saltwater aquariums but I know they use something to check salinity.
  13. A search brings up info about white fungus on wood added to tanks--not that it's dangerous, bc fish eat it, but it can be unsightly. I'd be concerned about other fungi on the wood and boil it first, just in case.
  14. Here's the photo in a more accessible size.
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