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  1. Your tanks look impressive. How often do you have to scrape algae off the sides?
  2. I have an aquarium coop light turned down to less than half intensity. I am also fighting algae. The light is on probably six or seven hours a day.
  3. At one point, my nitrates were higher, which I attributed to too much driftwood. I removed most of it. I will start adding more fertilizer.
  4. I put in three squirts of easy green once a week. It sounds like from my replys I should start adding more. I will start dosing easy green a second time each week. I will look for the fluvial trace iron hoping that helps.
  5. I have a 29-gallon community aquarium that doesn't grow plants well. Some are dying, and the rest aren't growing. I have mostly Anubias and Java fern. It has been set up for a couple of years without plant growth. I tested the water today, and the results are: Nitrate 0, Nitrite 0, GH 50, KH 60, PH 7.8, Chlorine 0, Ammonia .25 (my best guess because the color wasn't clear), Phosphate 1, Potassium 35. Are any of these parameters out of line for plant growth? I should also add that we have a water softener. Any ideas? Thanks in advance, Mark
  6. I have always had a pond in my yard for the last 30 years but have always struggled with green water. I have never covered the bottom of the pond with gravel or rock. Does anyone think if I add a substrate to the pond it might help keep the pond water cleaner? I have heard that good bacterias that grow in the substrate can help keep the water clean. I would love to hear if anyone is using a substrate in their pond and what they use. I have even tried the ultra violet light in my filter to fight the algae without any luck. Thanks in advance for any advice you can provide me to deal with the green water.
  7. I know there is underlayment you can buy to protect the liner so I would definetly do that. I would agree that some vertical boards on the outside would keep it in place. Maybe some big stakes of some type would prevent it from moving.
  8. I would like to put together an above ground pond this summer and wanted some opinions on whether my construction idea would work. I would like to use 2" x 12" boards for the sides. Probably two boards tall or about 23 inches. I was thinking I would have room for a ten foot by eight foot pond. would puting screws in the corners be enough to keep it together if I put some corner braces in like eight inch boards cut to 45 degrees on each end for reinforcement. Thanks in advance for your thoughts on the matter.
  9. Where do you buy it. I searched amazon for sera spirulina onips and didn't see it listed.
  10. I was wondering if anyone has experience with "Your Fish Stuff veggie Wafers". I am feeding this is the main diet for my reticulent hill stream loaches. They seem to be doing good with it and have even multiplied in my 26 gallon tank I keep them in. They don't get excited when I drop the wafers in the tank although they eat them eventually. Maybe they are night time feeders. The top ingredients in order listed on the product package are: Wheat flour, Fish Meal, Wheat germ, Alfalfa Meal, Soy Meal, followed by a mixture of plants and vegtables. Is this a proper diet for them or do you recommend something else? Thanks in advance, Mark
  11. They are about 5 inches. But there are a couple babies in there also.
  12. What do you think of the Hikari Wheat Germ pellets that the A.C. sells for Koi? I know the fish are related just wondering if it would be ok for a winter food for Goldfish?
  13. I have brought my shubunkin goldfish in from an outdoor pond. I live in Minnesota where my pond freezes solid. I have two 100 gallon stock tanks I have brought into in insulated room in my garage. I plan on heating the room to 47 degrees fahrenheit for the winter. My question is should I feed the fish at all when the water is at that temperature? Thanks in advance for any advice you can give.
  14. It is a 26 gallon aquarium. I will attach a photo so you can see my plants. As far as fish I have a family of Hillstream Loaches living in there. plus a dozen amano shrimp.
  15. I have a well established planted tank which according to my A.C. test strips has Nitrate of 50, Nitrite of 0, Hardness of 150, Buffer of 60, PH of 7, and Chlorine of 0. Would you add the fertilizer? I am afraid the Nitrates will get to high. Do these parameters seem out of the normal in anyway?
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