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  1. They look great! I like the way you laid your wood in there and added the plants on it. I love the bowed front tank design, how it looks kind of like a walk through the woods around here. Hope everything goes well in your 140!
  2. I wish I had something helpful to say for you, but I do like your setup. Hope you are able to get things under control for these guys.
  3. I am sorry if this is a duplicate, but I did look first! Do blue rams need to be kept as part of a school, or are they ok as just a pair in a community tank with other species? I have seen conflicting information and wanted to get feedback from people who may actually keep them in their own tanks. Thanks for any help!
  4. Thanks for the replies everyone. I Just wanted to have some bottom feeders to keep the gravel from getting to backlogged. Everything has been in check for a long while now, but I wanted some shrimp for variety in the tank. The bala was my main concern, but it is pretty peaceable to all other tank mates, though I do realize that could change as it reaches its full size.
  5. Hey all, Happy summer. I was wondering if anyone had experience with the tetra glofish, a bala, and compatibility with any shrimp. I would love to have some little squirts around to clean. There are plenty of places to hide for them if I get them but see conflicting information based on what I have looked up. Thanks for any help!
  6. Welcome! I like the layout of your tank. Hope all goes well for you as you get back into it 🙂
  7. When I was checking around a few months ago, I was told there was a serious shortage and would likely be long-term out of stock. I was able to get some when I was following a different store for plants, and they advertised on Facebook (Jersey here). They said it was supply/demand related due to this past year.
  8. Thanks for sharing your journal. I just saw it for the first time today, and am really enjoying looking at your progress and changes. Glad to have read "post cancer" in one of your captions. Hope you stay that way! Awesome job at all the details. I love the variety in your tanks and textures. Good work,
  9. I was a little upset about it because they are not easy to catch in my tank, and it took a long time. Overall, it was worth it. They are doing better away from all their favorite munchies and can swim at my school. The kids will like them there. I really do like these little guys, too!
  10. Thanks for that! I tend to be hesitant to make calls, but that would be simple enough to just ask 😁
  11. This is so fun to see these varieties! I have some sunburst, but I did have a tuxedo platy that I loved. Just wish I could find more of them.
  12. I have a school of 9 of them and had to take them out of my large aquarium. They were decimating my pogostemon, jungle val, and amazon sword. They completely left the java fern and mosses alone, though. I didn't look up information before I got them into the tank, though. 🤔
  13. Hello all! I have a 100g tall aquarium (35"H) and would love to have a few large dragon stones in combination with others, but I am having trouble finding places that sell them large enough (16"+). Do you have any suggestions or ideally know of places that allow you to look at them in person? Thanks for any help 🙂
  14. I like that you have so much variety between the tanks. Very cool!
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