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  1. Tested mine today it’s been running 14days will test again in 24hrs
  2. Hi I didn’t fully cycle my 125L tank it’s planted I only left it 7 days . How often should I check water pramiters it’s stocked with 24 juveniles
  3. Me again I think the fish hobby can become addictive very quickly. Because of the amount of fish available to us and not been able to home them all in 1 tank . My setup was at a price I could afford. Yes it’s secondhand at £200 then I spent another £190 on chemicals plants and 24 livestock and I’m still spending . In the past iv gone mad on hobby’s I was an airbrush artist for 15yrs before I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease aged 51 on a good day I can write my own name .
  4. I like my decor and being in a wheelchair if we both agree on having a second tank fitted inside the unit as she’s showing more interest than I first thought could work out well
  5. Don’t tell the wife it gets you in trouble. Iv been watching lots of YouTube fish keeping videos. My tank space is limited so iv come up with a plan but don’t tell the wife yet the picture holds the clue behind the keyhole the unit on the left is 4ft long nice😀
  6. Thanks Cory I was going to ask that question next .i was wondering if I added a sump would I be ok to add more stock like cardinal tetra size fish . My apartment as limited space as I use a wheelchair I have Parkinson’s disease
  7. My setup fluval roma 125L . Filter fluval u3. light Roma 125 10w . iv stocked it with 6 gold tetra 12 cardinal tetra 2 angelfish 2 pleco and 2 Cory all juvenile. I’m adding more live plants
  8. Hi all im robert from the UK. I've been out the hobby for 40s yrs life changing disability as got me back into fishkeeping thanks to corys youtube channel
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