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  1. Anyone successful with plant in brackish with figure 8 pufferfish
  2. Go anyone not boston can't root for taylor hall
  3. I have a 20 g long I set up painted the sides and back now it's full of shrimp and I also qt in an old 10 gallon that wasn't in use
  4. It's a condiment like a hot dog is a sandwich or cereal is soup
  5. I'm not very familiar with the band rainbow but it looks just like a boesemani fry in my tank about the same size. Either way you have a great fish
  6. Are you going to Florida to see kg tropicals?
  7. I think you have a male on your hand very pretty. How I understand it males have bright color and bigger longer find opposite for lady's
  8. https://www.jbl.de/en/blog/detail/133/the-story-of-liquid-co2-fertilisation-the-reliability I came to this forum looking for similar answers this link helped me
  9. Anyone have any info about the freshwater flounder, just picked one up from my lfs and cannot find anything about them.
  10. Thank you that was the answer I was looking for. Sorry about the poorly worded question
  11. Effects of dosing all in one, carbon, and iron at same time. I have been doing 3 different intervals starting after water change
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