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  1. I’m not sure if you guys were able to find a solution to this. I have 6 cardinals and one appears to be affected by this. @Frogmouth Catfish @silveRx
  2. @Rob E.i agree with you for sure. I’ll back down the dosing a bit and start adding a little food this week and see if it handles it. I hadn’t thought of adding some floating plants temporarily but I think that could probably help keep the algae off the slower growers. Really appreciate your help!
  3. @Rob E. thanks for the response. I have a fluval 3.0 and have it on for 8.5 hrs a day maxing at ~60%. I am using the API liquid test kit and shake the hell out of number 2 before and when I mix the tube. I have a pretty solid LFS near me and they also tested zero nitrates and recommended that I hold off on adding fish but they seemed to be making that basis off of normal bacteria cycling rather than the fertilizer method. I had put in 5 pumps before I posted this yesterday and tested 10 mins ago and my nitrates are zero again. So I am assuming that the algae is consuming it so quickly because there is nothing in the tank eating it. I’m worried that if I lower my dosing that my plants will starve but if I don’t lower it I’ll continue to see rampaging algae growth. Considering maybe time to invest in some algae eaters despite being in early stages?
  4. Hello, I started my second tank (20 long) after running a 10 gal for 6 months and having a scud infestation. I started this tank off right by alum dipping all my new plants and ordering them all from the co-op. I have a mixture of postegemon stelattus octopus, Java fern, Amazon sword, and crypt Lucens I started the cycle with plants from day one in eco complete and with every other day dosing of easy green (5 pumps) and did not add live bacteria. I am experiencing an explosion of stag horn and hair algae and am in my 5th week with no live fish/shrimp yet and my tests are showing ammonia, nitrites and nitrates all at zero. I am following the video Cory put up about cycling with fertilizer remember him mentioning to only change one variable at a time and I have wanted to keep fertilizer constant while I dial the lighting in but the tank seems to be consuming the easy green within 2 days because I am not showing any nitrates despite testing every 3 days. with all that said, my primary question is, do I keep my fertilizer dosing the same or is that causing my algae to explode while my plants are trying to keep up? Their growth is awesome but I have to clean them regularly because of all the hair algae
  5. Thanks. I’m on the fence still. We spend so much time trying to make our plants look amazing and it’s hard to watch these scuds eat them away even though I know they are good for your substrate
  6. Appreciate your responses @DShelton,@eatyourpeas I’m moving in a week and am going to start up my 20 long. Any thoughts if I should start from scratch with my filter media? Any ideas for making sure plants transfer without these hitch hikers?
  7. I am a relatively new aquarist getting back into the hobby with over 4 months into this tank. I posted over a month ago with the question of whether or not scuds that ended in my tank (probably from LFS) were beneficial. I understand that they help break down mulm and detritus but that some species eat plants. It’s apparent that they have taken significant hold in my eco complete and I rarely see them unless I gravel vac or add root tabs. I have also taken apparent my canister filter and noticed them in there as well. The other day I noticed one on top of my crypt spiralis and then days later started seeing what appeared to be sections of my plants missing (attached in picture) that don’t appear to be plant deficiency’s. I even noticed a section of my Java fern chewed as well. I only have 5 CPDs, 5 chili rasboras, Amano shrimp, and a reticulated hill stream loach. I have been wanting to upgrade to a 20 long from my current 10 gal for a while and was planning on instant cycling with all my substrate and filter media but am seriously considering starting all from scratch being that I know it’s next to impossible to rid your tank of these once there in. My two primary questions after all this are as follows: Has anyone else experienced this issue? If you started over, how did you transfer your plants and hardscape to make sure that they did not infest your next tank? Did you get new filter media as well?
  8. Hello all, My name is Greg and I’m just getting back into hobby. So far I am really enjoying my 10 gallon and am already looking at upgrading to a 20 long. Really wanted to prove to myself this time around that I could grown plants really well and make a really natural looking tank. So far it’s been fun but I have a long way to go and will probably spend a lot more time on here
  9. Thank you for the replies. Many forums seem mixed about if scuds are helpful or harmful. From my perspective of all they did was eat the detritus and further break down fish waste I would be fine with them being in there but if it’s at the expense of my plants I would probably tear it all apart to get rid of them
  10. I currently have a 10g tank heavily planted and purchased plants from my local fish store. I have two Amazon swords (one is a red flame) and they produce leaves weekly. That being said I have replaced them in the substrate several times because the roots cannot seem to grow. I have had the tank for 3 months and have fed the swords heavily (3/4 easy root tabs per month) and am wondering if the scuds are eating the roots. Had anyone else had this experience? I am debating starting the tank all over in a 30 long with new substrate and replacing my filter sponges along with heavily cleaning my decorations. thoughts?
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