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  1. Ok thank you very much. I will give it a try.😁
  2. pH-7.4 Nitrates-0 Hardness-5 Nitrite-0 Ammonia-0 KH/Buffer-14 Water Temperature-71 I got the fish from a coworker who didn’t know what to do with them. They are in a 75 gallon tank that is fully cycled. Used the old filter media for bacterial growth as well. Was setting it up for other fish. They were in a 10 gallon half way filled up so about 5 gallons of water. They are about 6+ inches long. The orange ones have red marks on there side and the white one has as well. Also the white one has red marks on its eyes. Wanting to know if this bruising or parasite of some kind. Asked local fish store and they didn’t know. Pictures are below. Just want to make sure they have good rest of their lives. Sorry not the best pictures they move a lot. (Also the decorations were just there for the bacteria from the old tank. Setting up indoor pond for them.😁)
  3. Yes at the top. I was showing the little difference between the RO and well water. Then at the bottom was water parameters before I left and when I got back.
  4. Will a high kh cause the ph to raise over time? RO water- ph:7.2 to 7.4,gh:5,kh:7 well water-ph:7.2 to 7.6,gh:6,kh:18 I use the API master test kit so I’m not sure exactly what the ph is. I have been using RO water with Seachem products to get the water to were I want it for my 40 gallon. I set up a 14 gallon using my well water. The water parameters were pretty much the same. The only big difference was the KH. This was the tank before I left for travel for work for 2 weeks and came back to all the plants dead. Was pretty bummed and forgot to take a picture of the after. There was no fish in the tank. Was cycling the tank and having my girlfriend put some fish food in it every day. water parameters before: ph: 7.2 to 7.4 gh: 6 kh: 18 water parameters after: ph: 8.8(so purple it was basically black) gh: 5 kh: 16 The rock and wood have been used before in a 20 long tank that I remove them from to make more room for plants. It’s the same brand of sand and Aqua soil I have used in my other tanks and haven’t had a problem.
  5. I cycled the tank by during fish food and a Squeezed a dirty filter from a friends tank into the water. I use the API master test kit. I have used the test kit on my friends tank and there are no reading of nitrite. I have had the tank up and running since the 5th of February. The only thing I think of at this point is something killed of my colony of bacteria. I’m going to the store after work to buy some items to help. Thanks for the taking the time to post.
  6. Sorry this is little on the long side. I had a tank with a lot of plants and the nitrite levels were very high. Ammonia was at zero and the nitrate was at the lowest level. I did a big water change and the nitrite level dropped to zero. Ammonia and nitrate was zero. The next day, before I left for work I tested the ammonia,nitrite and nitrate levels and the nitrite was at 5ppm and the others were zero. I did another water change and set up a plastic container to put the plants in. My plan was to take out everything out so it was just fish in the tank. The tank with the fish has had the levels at zero. It has been almost two days and the tank with just plants nitrite levels are super high(around 10ppm or more). The ammonia is showing little(.25ppm). 1. Can plants make the nitrite level super high? 2. Could it be the fertilizer or to much light? 3. Can the fertilizer cause a false reading? 4. Has anyone have had this happen to them and if so, what did they do to fix it? I cycled the tank with out fish for about 6 weeks. I do water change once a week and do a big water change once a month. I have stated using Thrive fertilizer and ThriveCaps. I didn’t have this issue with API root tabs and API fertilizer. Was thinking I should stop using Thrive. My pH is between 7 and 8. My KH is at 4. My GH is at 7. My tank is 29 gallons.
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