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  1. No, I adjust nothing like that. I have pretty good ph already, but when I set up the tank I mixed in 75 lbs of crushed coral to keep that in check. As to electrical ghosts, I checked with a fluke multimeter and I also run grounding systems on that tank. And no signs of electrolysis either. Good ideas though. I have heard of people fighting ph up and down buffers. Co OP did a great live feed on that a while back. I agree with Cory, keep it steady. And my ph is nearly dead on where they are born. I asked the fish farm what their ph was. I got lucky.
  2. Easy and cheap deal I made. With a tank this size..I needed options.
  3. Lol, I sure hope so. The tank is 8 feet long so I figure the fly pumps at each end blasting hundreds pr hr. Plus the 4 foot stone in the middle should be a good blender.. lol. This tank with my DIY auto water change system has been bulletproof. And shockingly stable.
  4. According to the dose instructions, it only takes me 16 teaspoons to treat the tank. So that's nice.
  5. Not sure what it is, but this is better than doing nothing. I am running a 4 foot air stone up the back wall with a huge pump running it. And, I have all 4 jets running from 2 fluval FX6 pumps shaking up the topside as well. I should have plenty of co2 in there.
  6. Ok, checked the 1st aid kit, and had some prazipro on hand. Good date code. Treated the tank. That stuff sure is weird when added to tank. Kinda fun. Now I wait and hope.
  7. I'll look into that. Would be nice if it covers several things being I really don't know what's going on. This is the 1st time I've had no clue what's up. We have 19 tanks and always were able to figure what meds were needed. But this time, all I have to go on is gut feelings and a change of behavior.
  8. I should also note, they are all eating well too.
  9. Normally I do use salt, however in this tank, we also have catfish. 2 pictus, 1 dorkious,, (sp) , 1 canary yellow synadontis and 6 exotic plecos of types.
  10. New here, but been a fan for years on youtube. Not sure where to post, but having odd behavior in our 300 gallon African cichlid tank. I'm a bit confused. Fish are flashing here and there, and sometimes scratching. All water parameters are spot on. Fish show no signs of anything, temp is good, services on filtration done, extra aeration...I just can't figure this one out, but something is wrong. Behavior is just not right.
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