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  1. Which heaters do you use for the hatchery. I'd like to conserve space rather than use a big clip-on lamp, which doesn't do the job in winter. The 1 aqueon nano, I had, piped it up to almost 89 Thanks 😁
  2. Thanks all 😁❀️ My 100yo house has oil heat and water. Sooooo .....πŸ™„
  3. What heater do you use for the BBS kit ? Using my little shop light in winter just isn't cutting it. The rest of the year it's fine.
  4. I knew the straps were old. My tap is always low acidic, plus driftwood and plants. In March with snow run off they bump stuff up. Gh/kh was always low but I supplement with things I listed previously. Yes I need a test that works to finish my experimenting 😁on 2 existing fish-less tanks by bumping the gh/kh up a smidgen for my snails and shrimp. I guess I'm just irritated this api test is bad
  5. It's more a dark yellow. I went on Amazon to look at it and there are a lot of comments about the same issue as if some lots were bad
  6. That's the tap which has about a 6.4-6.8 PH. Used 5 then 10 drops Total TDS tap: Treated w/ Equilibrium as per above - Photo 1 Tap w/Prime - photo 2
  7. Sigh... it's supposed to be good thru 2024. πŸ˜•
  8. . I feed a lot of calcium and include cuttlebone, crushed coral etc . Thanks 😁
  9. Following the gh test instructions, the color stays yellow. This is 1 Co-op test strip I had left and it may be old. I used another 3 trying to figure this out. I'm setting up a snail tank atm. When I got weird readings I tested my prolific cherry neos tank and these are the readings. It makes no sense. I was about to test Equilibrium in a cycled plant only 10g and/or a 5g that I have to bump up my ph and hardness, for future dosage reference. The 10g previously had a betta that passed with a tumor and a mystery snail that's now mating/producing clutches in another tank. Feeling clueless.
  10. Awesome. I had a bunch of broken up almond leaves as leaf litter prior so the water was already full of tannins πŸ˜ƒ
  11. If the salt did this I'm assuming the 1 feeding w/kanaplex didn't assist but should I keep it up for 7 days ? He's like a different fish. Swelling/white is gone 😳
  12. That's a lot of pellets how do you store the leftovers πŸ€” since he'll never finish all that and would like to use for other fish in case I need it.
  13. Grabbed this guy that was dropped off at my lfs today. I had a cycled planted 5.5g, w/ no fish, that I had been debating on using for a betta or shrimp. He's eaten live bbs, has a healthy appetite, and is quite active since I've brought him home So far I added 2 tbsp salt. I've used 1 scoop kanaplex mixed w/1 scoop focus then put 1 scoop of that mix in with a 1/2 tbsp of defrosted bloodworms (2.5 cubes).A full tbsp of bloodworms seemed a bit much to make. The other scoop I'm debating on adding to repashy or pellets/flakes to freeze/store for future use He's eaten 2 bloodworms as I meant to have only 1 in the tongs. What would be dosage from here on out per bloodworm ? Ph 6.6 Amm 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 10 Gh 25ppm Kh 50ppm
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