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  1. I'm not sure what the rules are for posting links, but if you search for bait aeration pump ac/dc you find some options. We use them when we are fishing, if we can plug into 110, we will, otherwise it runs on a battery, either internal or replaceable.
  2. Thank you for this, I've got an Acrylic 90 that's 5' I've been trying to figure out what to do. Came with a 60" light, but I don't think it's got the PAR to reach the bottom of the tank. We shall see how it goes
  3. I reached out to their support about how to tie multiple pieces. Their gateway only seems to have 4 devices connected at a time. So I'm trying to get a handle on how that works for them. Thank you sir
  4. I'm thinking about them particularly for my discus tanks, just because it's another layer of security. As a general plan, they are my fallback, I'm just hoping to find something that will record, alert, similar to how the APEX system does, but more general use. I'll keep looking, I'm sure what I want is out there. LOL, Thank you
  5. I've looked at it, problem is so many of our tanks are spread out, the cost of putting them on all the tanks, throughout 3k sq foot of home is probably a bit much. But I do like the look of them.
  6. So, had a heater break and basically cook a tank. Not the first time it's happened, but it's been years. I'm still not sure how exactly it broke, just know it was stuck on and wouldn't turn off. Second, and not the same tank, I just ended up inheriting some discus, they were a package deal when I helped someone out who was losing their house and needed to sell off all their tanks. So we bought them. And they have to be kept at a much higher temp than most of my tanks...obviously. All together, this means I need to have a better way to monitor a number of tanks. We don't breed for profit, we just like the tanks and the fish. Dining room, fish tank, living room, two tanks plus two walls o tanks behind the sliding glass doors. Bedroom, tank, office, tank, other bedroom, tank. You get the picture. This whole house is flooded with wifi signal and run several strong home automation systems. What I'm looking for is an affordable water probe that can monitor tank temps and alert me when it gets out of range. I want to set each probe to it's own range and have it alert me when it gets out of it. I want to set this on every single tank I have and program it up. Surely someone here has done something similar, I'm looking for some insight on how you've set this up. What you used and so forth. Thank y'all...
  7. I'm trying to do some research in just getting LED lights that work in those spectrums needed, and running my own in the fishroom. I've got LED lighting everywhere in the house at this point, all tied into a home automation system. Cheap LED strips are easy to find, even WiFi variants. I'll keep ya'll updated now that I've found this forum, see what I can find out here and through my local fish club. I mean I like the grow LED strips, but they don't have the right spectrum for the fish to look themselves, and they aren't very powerful. But in shallow tanks, they seem to work beautifully, even if the fish aren't quite as pretty under them. That probably just means I need to add some additional spectrum bulbs. But because I run those tanks in racks, I'm not worried about them being 'ugly' because they are hidden and attached to the shelving above.
  8. I think it depends on what the goals are of the tanks, if they are stable in what they have in them and such. A mishmash of lighting is fine, if you are matching lights to tasks. For instance, we have dwarf cichlid tanks with almost no plants (and those are all annubis) so we run cheap leds. We've got 8 gallon specialty tanks for shrimp and guppies that we grow with actual grow light LED's (because we aren't worry about displaying these, they are for grow out), and then we've got our big display tanks that we run stingrays on. I'll probably get a Fluval 3.0 for some new tanks I have in mind...but yeah. Mishmash works well for us. If I were going for production of plants, snails and fish in the same tank, I would likely look at standardizing as lights went bad, just to make it easier. I don't think I would just change lights to change them, unless they aren't working for what you need them to do.
  9. Howdy, another Houston native here. We recently purchased a new home and are working on our fishroom. Not so much for breeding, as I imagine there are times that will be unavoidable. But just because we love so many of the fish. LOL. Regardless, I love the attitude I've seen from Co-Op, as well as their business acumen. So for those things they make specifically and others we can't/don't find at our LFS...they get our business. Much love everyone
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