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  1. Yes about 55G tank, I found with a waterchange over 7,5 gallons I would have a few shrimp dead within 3 days of the water change. With 26 fish and lots of shrimp and a 50% plant coverage. Once I dropped below 7G no more dead shrimp and the fishe have been in sporning mode continuously
  2. I have cut back on water changes on my 4ft tank ( 1 gallon per week) the stocking level is 8 halequin rasbora, 10 ember tetra, 8 cory's and a bucket load of cherry shrimp. I have noticed an exceptionally hi amount of sporning activity in all the species with a major load of eggs from the 1 Cory ( all females 😢) would I be wrong in assuming the eco system is more or less in a happy equilibrium that being said oh is sitting at 7,4
  3. It has gone away took a while. Once I put some fish in the tank it went away
  4. What do I do about this 👻 effect?
  5. I am setting up an aquarium whis has been cycling for 3 weeks now added plants last week and spider wood this weekend I boiled the wood for 2 hours and after 2 days it has this "jelly" ghostly grey haze all around the wood. It gives the tank a 👻 look Not sure how to link image
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