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  1. @Lucky sounds like you have a great plan in place. Yeah, if you do not like floating plants then I would stick to the pothos and other riparian type of plants. Fast growing stem plants work as well but again, trimming them will add to the maintenance. Like @Patrick_G mentioned, you can also include some algae eaters to help with the aquarium. Otos, snails, hillstream loaches and others that are similar would do great. You can do Amano shrimp with the neos but amanos are very aggressive, especially around feeding so just keep that in mind.
  2. Hi @Eddie Dingle, dwarf aquarium lilly is a great plant that can help create shadows. I have a 40 gallon breeder with lots of crypts, dwarf aquarium lillies and some riparium plants with floodlights that create lots of shadows. It sounds similar to the tank you are wanting to create with shadows and crypts. I find that the best shadows in my tanks are created by lights that come from a single point source instead of a strip of lights. I will attach a picture of my aquarium along with a link to the aquarium journal. I hope this helps! https://forum.aquariumcoop.com/topic/9572-organic-soil-40-breeder-riparium
  3. Hi @GoldenGardner, it is common of assassin snails to bury themselves under the substrate for periods of time. That may be why you do not see them.
  4. Hello @Lucky, first of all, I wish you the very best in law school! Before I get into stocking, I wanted to mention that this would also be a great time to add the filter or filter media you will be using in the new tank into the 10 gallon. This will help with instantly cycling your tank when you set up your new aquarium. Also, to minimize maintenance while in school, I would recommend adding pothos to the aquarium for the removal of nitrates. You can add it above the aquarium with the roots in the water, this will help remove nutrients in the water while also minimizing any plant trimming you will need to do. I would also add a larger floating plant like salvinia or frogbit or dwarf water lettuce. I would stay away from duckweed as it will increase maintenance by constantly needing it to be removed from the aquarium. The other floating plants will need this as well but its less messy and faster with larger plants. The only fish I am concerned about in that list is the betta as it may predate on the shrimp. If the aquarium is heavily planted and has rock piles, you can possibly get it to work but it is still a risk. But panda corys, guppies and neon tetras with shrimp sounds like a great aquarium to me.
  5. I am no expert in Mystery snails, I only had one at one point many many years ago but I would also try to make sure I was feeding the snails some calcium-rich food. Something similar to Hikari Crab Cuisine or most shrimp specific foods to help with their shells.
  6. @GoldenGardner that is a good question, I have heard some people say that they do not attack snails larger than them but I have seen mine gang up on a larger ramshorn snail before. Mystery snails are large but I would not take that risk personally. If I wanted to control a snail population without adding a predator, I would simply make sure not to overfeed. That will typically keep a snail population under control.
  7. @CorydorasEthan Oh no, I am so sorry to hear that. I have had a peppered corydora pass unexpectedly as well before. It is not a fun experience. And no worries, school can definitely take a lot of time. Good luck with your classes!
  8. That is interesting, I have no idea what the answer is but this would be a great thing to clear up for anyone with hard water using Maracyn in the future. Thank you for bringing this up, I will be following this closely to learn more.
  9. @Emily M thank you, I appreciate it! I have links to the journals for both of the tanks in my signature below if you want to look at how they progressed over time. Corydoras are my favorite fish to keep and I just like how the habrosus are small and swim in the mid-water of the aquarium. 2-6 eggs a spawn is not bad, makes each one just that much more special haha
  10. @Mitch Norton that is crazy. I wonder if there is something in your water that could be causing a false reading on the test strip. One thing that I always do is make sure to keep the test strip horizontal so that the water does not spill over to other tests on the test strip. I notice that my hardness always seems to drip and mess up my buffer reading. Could that possibly be happening to your nitrite reading? Maybe the nitrate reading is dripping onto it? I bought some golden pothos from Home Depot and that plant has been growing incredibly fast for me. It is amazing how fast the roots and leaves began to grow. Yeah usually algae is able to adapt to things quicker than plants so you will likely starve out the plants before starving the algae. I feel you on the “need” to respond to a comment 😂
  11. I am not sure if Aquarium Co-op has them but I agree with @CorydorasEthan, I added about 5 assassin snails to my 29 gallon that had a lot of ramshorn snails and now the assassin snails are the only snails left in there. They are amazing creatures to watch also in my opinion.
  12. Happy anniversary! haha your aquarium definitely looks seasoned now, it looks great! I have always wanted to keep some habrosus corys, looking at your aquarium only makes me want to get some even more haha especially since you were able to spawn them, that is a great accomplishment within your first year, congrats! Here is the progress on 2 of my aquariums that I have pictures a year apart or so for. May 2020 10 Gallon: April 2021 10 Gallon: May 2020 40 Gallon Breeder: May 2021 40 Gallon Breeder:
  13. Hi @FlyingGuppies, welcome to the forum! Great quote! You definitely made some magic happen for Toothless, I am very happy to hear that you were able to save him.
  14. Hi @laritheloud, that is so cool! Congrats! Well deserved after the rocky start you persevered through. The fry looks like a decent size already so finely crushed flake food, or something like sera micron or hikari first bites and live baby brine shrimp should do the trick.
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