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  1. Congrats! They are gorgeous. I haven't seen this strain before.
  2. "Do you have any saltwater tanks?" followed by a displeased look when I say no. 🙄
  3. Mine do not eat hair algae, just surface/film. I do love my hillstream loaches. Hoping to condition them enough to breed yet this year!
  4. I have found that vinegar eels are very easy to keep! Granted, I only have 5 tanks to feed. I keep them in a few glass beer bottles with polyfill in the neck to separate the vinegar, then add tap water to the top. This makes harvesting them super easy and I only have to top it off with tap water after harvesting. I found that I have a billion seed shrimp in my 2.5 gallon shrimp tank, and am considering trying to harvest/cultivate these. I did nothing to culture them, they just showed up in the tank. It may be worth a try? Sorry, I'm not much help, but best of luck to you!
  5. Hello, I am breeding cherry shrimp, mystery snails, and a few guppy strains. I have found the need to start culling and am looking for advice on what predators would be a good fit for this. I currently have a 55 gallon that could house the predator. I was thinking possibly one Oscar, but have also heard that they can be timid/shy and not necessarily the best predator to eat my culls. It also appears that a 55 may not be a long-term solution for an Oscar. Looking for some recommendations on a predator fish for guppies, snails, and cherry shrimp that would fit in a 55 gallon. Bonus points if it lets me keep the tank planted.
  6. Wow! I have some subwassertang in a 2.5 gallon shrimp tank that is growing out. Hopefully one day I'll have as much as you! I have naturally high Ph (8.2 out of the tap) and have been thinking about getting some Sulawesi shrimp. Keep me posted on your journey! What is the filter in the back of tank #3? It looks like the Ziss Bubble Filter, but has green plastic instead of yellow.
  7. Are we in the same area? I am about to go pick up 10 gallon tanks for $2.50 each lol. I was originally thinking about doing all 20 gallons, but this is too good of a deal to pass up and will be fine for my guppy and shrimp breeding.
  8. Are your lights on a timer for the trip? If so, I would recommend reducing the amount of time they are on. Lighting seems to be the most common culprit I come across when people are having algae issues, along with overfeeding/excess nutrients. Is someone going to feed while you are gone? If so, I'd recommend either showing them HALF the amount you normally feed (in my experience, they will overfeed anyway), or getting one of those weekly pill containers to put in the amount of food to eat each day. Also, if you haven't read the Co-op's algae guide, give it a read. Hope you have a great trip!
  9. You could pull the next batch of eggs, but I am a fan of letting the parents try to raise them. I would give them at least two more tries before pulling a batch.
  10. One major drawback is when the powerhead fails, you will have to uproot your take to get it out and replace it. I would also be concerned that the power head would not have enough flow available to it under the gravel, causing it to burn up faster than usual. What if you hid the powerhead behind some plants? Some vallisneria or a quick growing plant like water sprite or water wisteria would have it hidden pretty quickly.
  11. Hello, About a month ago I noticed a growth around the mouth on some female black bar endlers. I have had them for ~ 1 year with no issues. I did two rounds of the Aquarium Co-op Med Trio with no effect. The endlers are in a 10 gallon tank. It appears to only be affecting mature females at this time. Parameters are: PH 8.0 Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 10 KH: 180 GH: 150 Temperature: 74 My next step is pull out all the plants and treat with salt. Before I do so, has anyone seen something like this?
  12. I found this in my 2.5 gallon tank. It only has plants in it, possibly a hitchhiker from one of the plants? I would prefer it not be in there, but wanted to check and see if it is harmful first.
  13. Thanks for the information! Would soaking them in a bleach solution work instead of hydrogen peroxide? I have some bleach on hand, but can pick up hydrogen peroxide if bIeach doesn't work. I have removed the rocks and am ready to treat them.
  14. Recently got a 55 gallon set up and noticed some algae growth on the rocks. Is this anything to worry about? I recently picked up some snails, a clown pleco and Otos, but they haven't had a chance to start cleaning this up. Didn't know if this is normal algae growth or something to be worried about.
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