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  1. Thanks a bunch. Do you have test kits you like better than others? I have the API master kit and was thinking of getting their KH/GH kit as well but I heard the SERA one is better because it's easier to read. Do you find some work better or are easier to read than others? Appreciate your feedback!
  2. Incredible stuff. I clearly have lots of reading to do. What do you test for in your tanks? I assume besides the usual pH, ammonia, nitrite and nitrate? Thanks! GH, KH, phosphates? others?
  3. Thanks, so couple of questions 1) How do you measure the specific concentrations of macros and micros. The nitrate is easy because of the water test kit but what about for the others? 2) How do you adjust for the 25% weekly water change vs the 50% advised by rotala? Are there other links that show the actual calculations so I can make those adjustments? Many thanks
  4. Thanks for your recommendation. How did you reach those dosings? I'm just curious as I'd like to eventually get to dry fertilizers but I realize I have a lot to learn about plant care and fertilizer schedules. Much appreciated!
  5. Flourish (comprehensive supplement) 2 ML Flourish nitrogen 1.25ML Flourish potassium 3-4ML Nitrates are between 40-80 PPM. API master test kit isn't very clear at that range.
  6. Flourish, potassium and nitrogen 2x/week and liquid carbon and iron roughly every other day. If I'm already dosing potassium and nitrogen, seems like it might be a phosphate deficiency despite having plenty of guppies in the tank. Is phosphorous the same as phosphates? Would dosing seachem phosphorous help in this case? Thanks for your help!
  7. I'm not sure the PPM, just whatever dosing is appropriate for a 20 gallon tank based on seachem concentrations.
  8. Can someone help me out with this plant? Based on Cory's article on plant nutrition it looks like a phosphate deficiency but I have a ton of guppies in this tank so I struggle to think there's a phosphate deficiency but I could be wrong. I dose flourish, potassium, nitrogen and I just started using liquid carbon and iron. The plant is attached to driftwood so root tabs cannot be used. Thanks Plant Nutrition - Aquarium Co-Op
  9. Perfect, thank you for explaining it all so clearly. It's very difficult to find accurate scientific information in layman's terms!
  10. Thanks again Biotope. If you don't mind other questions... When you say seawater above, you mean some form of saltwater, correct? meaning water with a specific gravity above 1.000? Secondly, what is it that causes stress to the fishes kidneys and gills? Lack of salt or calcium or magnesium or some others? Thanks for educating me.
  11. Thanks Biotope that helps a lot. So if I'm understanding you correctly, you could put a brackish fish in a high GH environment successfully because their osmoregulation needs are met through the high GH. In other words, it's the GH needs of the fish being met that is important to them, not the density of the water; is that correct? Thanks again
  12. Hi, I've been doing some reading about GH and osmoregulation and I'm a bit confused about the role GH plays in water. Could you put a brackish fish like a figure 8 puffer in high GH water (e.g. 12-20 dGH) and have them thrive as if the water was brackish? Thank you
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