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  1. Moving day. Moving out some culls and seeing if I can figure out some who might be a Blue Dream and who might be a Blue Velvet. If anyone has a good way to tell the difference, I'm all ears. I figure I'll just have to put some together in a breeding tank and see what happens. Anyway, couple pics of some little ones I'm sorting out. I really like the spotted blue one. I think it my be my overall favorite, even though it's probably a mutt. Also, mama bloody mary is SOO close for her critters to hatch. I'm hoping to catch it. If so, I'll post the video. 🙂
  2. I s'pose I ought to share my set up. My habit...err hobby started with a 20gal tank prior to learning about decent substrate and plants. I added Fluval substrate and lots of plants. Hornwort is my most prolific plant that seems to be the best hiding area. I like java moss a lot, but the hornwort grows the best. 3x5gal for my BloodyMarys, BlueVelvets when I know which ones they are, and YellowNeons. And a 10gal cull tank. Substrate: Fluval or EcoComplete Filters: HOBs and/or AquariumCoop sponge filters
  3. Right!? Some of the wild ones are really pretty, but I think most are just a brown color. I suppose I'll find out. I certainly learned it matters where you get them.
  4. And I'll see if I can do a better job of small / dense images. For now, here is the Neo Family Tree I'm using. Just easier to follow for me than the one with lines all over the place.
  5. Sharing some fun combos I've found so far in my new shrimp breeding. I mistakenly used an outdated neo family tree and put Blue Dreams and Blue Velvets together. Whoops. They've thrown some fun ones though. Many are like the middle image - solid or translucent reddish brown. But I have one blackish/brown with a light brown stripe down its back - left/first image. And I have one that I'm calling a bloody rili. It seems to have highly dense bloody mary (but almost purple) coloring as a rili. I hope to get you better pictures at some point. 🙂
  6. Thanks for this, @ererer. I used an outdated neo family tree which is what made me think that Blue Velvets came from Blue Dreams and I could mix them. I like the one that has the same info as yours but is more stacked (attached). They are throwing offspring up and down their lines so far, and they aren't throwing wilds, so it'll be interesting to see what they do as time goes on. Yes, I'll look for a topic that matches. If not, I'll start one.
  7. Searched the forum for answers more than once, and thought I ought to start participating. Thanks for the great info everyone shares. Started a 20G fish tank a few months ago and bought a couple neocaridina shrimp for fun and fell in love with shrimp. SUPER FUN!! I led with my face, as I often do, and smashed into more than a few walls...particularly when I mixed Blue Dreams and Blue Velvets. Both blue, right? Whoops. So then I got a cull tank and more tanks for the carbon rilis, blue diamonds, and brownish red (chocolates or marys?) they are throwing my way. Enjoying the adventure, and I'll eventually get them sorted properly. Thanks for having the forum. I hope to be able to contribute on the shrimp side. I haven't made all the mistakes to learn from yet, but I'm still working on it.
  8. Thank you!! I really appreciate the info. I have the confidence to switch out the filters now. I'll add the sponge filters and leave them for a while before taking the HOBs out so I don't disrupt the biome. Thanks, again!
  9. I've been "shrimping" for a few months. Primary tank 20G, HOB w/ sponge prefilter, heavily planted. Cull tank 10G, and now multiple 5G tanks so I have have a few different colors. I am switching my 5 gal tanks to sponge filters. I watched a couple of Cory's videos, and I also read AqCoop articles. Here's my question: My baby shrimp are small, small, small. They will clearly fit through the coarse sponge holes of the 6 sponge filters set-ups I just bought from AqCoop. Is that okay? Will they just swim out the top? Image 1: about 7 of the little tykes (maybe a week or so old) in between the rock and the fine prefilter sponge I took out of the main tank and set in for biofilm. Image 2: mighty might on top of the fine sponge in the tank with the coarse sponge just outside for comparison. Thank you for your help!
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