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  1. Just wanted to post one last time, the Java Ferns have tons of sprouts now it looks pretty hectic now in my tank lol
  2. I think you are going to need to do some trial and error to get the balance cory mentioned above with the 20 to 50 ppm you can try a double dose but keep an eye on the water parameters and like he said if the nitrates get too high do a water change and try a different amount or change how far apart you do the doses. You may have to do it every 5 days rather than 7 it might be too much to jump all the way to dosing every 3 days. The weird thing about dosing every 5 days is if you dose friday you then dose on Wednesday but then you wouldn't dose again til Monday... which can be hard to keep track of for me.
  3. UPDATE: Added a root tab near the hairgrass in the tank (forgot to do it before planting ) it ended up causing a weird dust like algea bloom. I left it alone for a week with the dust in there and then did about a 30% water change when i got the fertilizer in, the java fern had already started to straighten out a bit before the water change, during water change i pinched off the leaves that were really bad and left them in the tank (they had little sprouts on the tips). The one Java Fern that was the worst has improved a ton its straightened out a lot and the dots have reduced in size significantly. The only thing now is the ph seems to have raised significantly to about 8 to 8.2. Does anyone have a recommendation for this?
  4. QUICK UPDATE: Im going to turn off the lights for now, i am ordering easy green today. Found another little leaf shoot hidden in the cormer that is growing but its kind of translucent/ yellow/pale?. Im hoping turning off the lights to slow down the plants a bit while im waiting for the aio to come in. They will still get a little light during the day cause i leave my curtains open in my office but it will be minimal. I will start with this and try to post updates every few days.
  5. So would you say that clipping off the leaves in worst condition and then starting an aio fert is a good course or should i do vice versa?
  6. Im still new to the whole plant 🪴 thing how much time is "giving it time" to see a change? Days? Weeks? Months? Lol
  7. First of all This was a lot of helpful information on lighting, and second ill answer the questions. IDK the specifics on the bulbs ill have to double check before i do anything. The room is lit well for me to see but it is a single LED bulb on the middle of the ceiling probably 10ft from the tank. When i turn off the tank light it is like night and day i can barely see anything in the tank i dont think it would be enough to be too much light. Also the tank is on the far side of the room from the window that is on the north side of the Home so there is never any direct sunlight or reflections on the tank...
  8. Im using some t10 type of bulb idk what its rated at but i didnt think it was too bright maybe its that, i was going to get some floating plants you think that would help?
  9. I didnt know the curling wasnt normal, Thanks for letting me know! I havent tried squiching the rhizome
  10. This one in the other corner has new growth starting . It has Two leaves but on of them is pretty bad the other just has a little spotting. Both curling. But there is new growth. Should i snip off the bad leaf or wait til its dead dead?
  11. Ok i wasnt sure if easy green would fix the problem thank you 😊
  12. New guy Here to get help with my planted tank already posted in another section but wanted to introduce my tank as a whole. I have about 7 shrimp in here but no longer have any fish atm long story not good for an introduction... Since im new started with a 10 gallon used Eco complete substrate and got some Anubias and Java Fern plants
  13. Its hard to get a picture of without removing the plant should i prune some roots maybe? Or will that make it worse?
  14. No fert atm i wasnt sure what to use if i was to use some. (Ima noob) ph is around 7.2-7.4 kh is somewhere around 225 or 250? Nitrates are lowand no nitrite. GH IS hardness right? Water is Hard around 150 maybe?
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