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  1. Hey all! i have a tank with some endlers in it and i’ve had some pretty cool traits develop. most of my endlers are showing a lot of black with a sword tail (i believe these are class P, endler showing but not pure endlers) anyways, my question is does anyone know of anybody who has almost all black endlers? I’m wondering if it’s possible for me to selectively breed endlers until they are mostly black of not all black. i understand this circumstance can change for wild type endlers, this is just more of a general question. thanks guys! P.S. there’s a photo example of my favorite one, not the best photo but it’s what i could get. Black bar along the shoulder to the dorsal, from the chest to the dorsal and down the back to the midsection of the tail, and the sword tail. This guy Also has what i call a “monarch dorsal fin” because of the orange and black patterning on the dorsal. thanks again
  2. Hey guys! i have a HUGE femal wild type (brown/clear) neo shrimp in my 30 gallon. The thing is like almost 2 inches, i keep mistaking it for one of my amanos. i’ll post a pic if i can get a good one. i wanted to know what the biggest cherry shrimp you guys have seen or kept is! I’m used to them only being like MAYBE 1 inch at biggest.
  3. I just started getting these in my 30 gallon too! I was wondering what they were as well.
  4. Hey guys! I’m doing an 8 gallon iwagumi type scape, and i wanted to do a low maintenance cold water type of setup. I have Monte Carlo finishing up its dry start right now and i plan on starting a red cherry shrimp colony first. After that i want to put in 2-3 otos, and 6-8 CPD’s. I just need a decent centerpiece fish and i’m having trouble finding some. The tank is rim less and lidless so preferably something that’s not so jumpy. thanks for any help guys! Here are some pics of my scape. I do plan on adding some more plants when it fills up. A small red melon sword i have in another tank, some crypts, and maybe some dwarf saggitaria i have too. thanks again guys!
  5. Crypts, anubias, hornwort, anachris… for floating plants i really like amazon frogbit, easy growing little mini lilly pads, or duckweed (but i know how some people HATE duckweed lmao) these should do well in ambient lighting! And with the nano tank, i would add some nice red neo shrimp (or whatever color you choose). I feel like those would be a great conversation starter for the already excellent common area you’ve got going there.
  6. I just got 4 of them for my 30 gal today… they acclimated so quickly and are eating algae off of everything (which i did not expect) i’m stoked for them to grow in/get used to their new environment
  7. I have some “tiger” wild type that came from an orange mother. Really cool and now they’ve bred all over the place. I honestly prefer my tiger colorway because i never see them in my LFS’s
  8. Snails will eat pretty much any dying leaf/plant matter. Amano shrimp do even better in my opinion with eating staghorn algae (really any algae) as well as decaying plant matter.
  9. I just had my betta, 6 kuhli’s, and 2 mystery snails and a handful of amano shrimps.
  10. Get 3-5 more of them! Lmao… they love being in groups, and will “cuddle” up to each other. I used to have 6 in a 5 gallon with my betta and they all thrived! More than what people recommended, but the tank was so well established i really only topped it off. Ammonia never spiked, nitrites never spiked, and the nitrates held steady at 20 ppm. It was heavily planted i will say. i also had similar gravel to yours. They did really well…
  11. Thank you! are the breeding tubes located where a gonopodium would be located? Also are you feeding the Bolivians when they guard the eggs? Also were there anyother fish in the tank? I.e. dither fish, corys, plecos etc? Last question, what’s your preferred method of removing fry and what size tank do you grow them out in? Thanks again.
  12. I’m starting a Bolivian ram tank in a 30 gallon, whats the best way to breed them? Make to female ratio? Water temp/food? Etc… very curious about these guys. thanks!
  13. I have also found that lighting drastically changes how the liquid tests look. I always look at them as a range rather than exact. So your ph is like 7.4-7.8 which isn’t a bad range for your betta.
  14. As long as the glue is labeled “cyanoacrylate” it should be good. Gorilla Glue, and Loctite brands work well too.
  15. Aragonite sand works wonders and looks natural, i usually layer some when i place the gravel/substrate down. My ph usually holds steady around 7.5 w/ Gh around 120-160 and Kh around 120-180
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