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  1. You did say "they looked a little crappy". May have set yourself up for failure.
  2. I don't think that's normal and I would be looking for a different tank. JMHO.
  3. My new 29g tank cycled so added my two adult Cory's. The fist 2 babies were added last night and waiting for the current babies to get big enough...Cory's everywhere!!!
  4. Absolutely nothing. The tank they are in has a lot of algae and plants and I do few water changes. It's a very stable tank. There are only a few snails and a few shrimp in with them. I moved the adults into my new 29 gallon that finally cycled. I hope they keep breeding.
  5. Yes, I just picked up that sword. And the cory fry are about a week old now. I'm so excited they are so cute. I'll move them to the big tank when they get bigger. I was so afraid the mom and dad would eat them..
  6. So excited my 29 gallon finally cycled and I moved my Albino Cory's over. And look there are babies!!
  7. I did vacuum a much out as possible last night. I'll add the rest of the eco-complete I have left.
  8. I had no idea. I only used one small bag. I started vacuuming it out. I'll just stick with the echo complete.
  9. I took him out and put him in a empty 3 gallon tank. I did a quick Google search after the first answer and found out he/she/it can reproduce on its own...
  10. This litte guy must have snuck in on a plant. Can you tell me what kind of snail and will it be ok in a tank that's not finished cycling. Waiting for the nitrites to drop but everything else is good.
  11. Ok so I'm not crazy. My little 10 gal has long hair algea on the big rocks and I love it. I also noticed the water is so clear and I think it's partially due to the algea.
  12. Is there a video on it? I know it's weird but I like seeing a carpet of hair algea and I thought if I could get it to grow on the back of the tank it would add pretty movement to the aquarium.
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