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  1. I used the Fluval Edge Pre-Filter Sponge. Very inexpensive at Petco. If I remember correctly it was longer than it needed to be so I shortened it a bit with scissors. https://www.petco.com/shop/en/petcostore/product/fluval-edge-pre-filter-sponge
  2. Since we're dreaming, how about a genetically engineered ramshorn snail that only lays one egg per year? Maybe then they won't take over the whole world.....
  3. Black Diamond medium. Cheap and looks good.
  4. Black posterboard or black foamboard for me.
  5. FYI..... "Bag" = big clear Ziploc bag. Great idea, it works well.
  6. Hello Scott. If you're like me you will be amazed at the changes since you were last in the hobby. I had no fish for about 8 years. Today I have programable LED lighting and almost instant answers to questions and free information from YouTube and these nice people on this forum. 🙂
  7. You have a good point there about creating better root growth. But I've always put them under or near the plants as well. Still, Cory says we should experiment and "see what would happen if I did this.... " 🙂
  8. I agree, way too much fertilizer and not enough plants. I've been there. I think some water wisteria would help.
  9. I am also using Black Diamond with no cloudiness. I am using the medium grit and I know there is a fine grit but I don't think that would make any difference.
  10. I wonder if we're talking about "pest" ramshorn snails or the Columbian Giant ramshorn? My little "pest" snails are awesome algae eaters but they never harm healthy leaves. In the past I briefly had a couple of the giant ones and they ate my plants like lawnmowers. I read that they aren't really ramshorn snails but are actually part of the apple snail family.
  11. I have no experience with these but I believe this is it..... https://aquadiction.world/species-spotlight/indian-glass-fish/
  12. I really wanted some Nerite snails but I read stories of how hard their eggs are to clean off driftwood and plants so I got some ramshorn snails instead. Now if only I can keep their population in check..... But the Nerites are beautiful.
  13. Black poster board is good, it's very cheap and easy to replace if need be. An upgrade from that is black foam craft board. Maybe 1/8" thick. That's what I'm using. It's not even attached to the tank, just standing behind it. The HOB filter holds it in place.
  14. I have hard well water so I use distilled water to top off for evaporation. I don't want the minerals and such in the water to keep becoming more and more concentrated.
  15. I was going to +1 on the red melon sword but I had one once and as I recall it got pretty big and you have a 10 gallon like me. Pretty plant, though.
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