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  1. Thanks Taco. How long do they typically remain hunched before molting?
  2. I'm new to shrimp keeping and haven't seen this before. This is a Bloody Mary neo. For a few days this shrimp has been hunch backed. I didn't think much of it at first but this is the only way that I've seen her for a few days. Shortly after taking this picture she scurried away, holding that stiff hunch. Does this indicate something? Soon to be berried? Or bad news?
  3. Yeah, the pure RO is definitely <7 pH. I didn't realize it was hard to modify! re: crushed coral, actively considering it, yes. I'm thinking I'll put a bag of crushed coral in the filter, and keep pre-mixing the RO and buffers for water changes. I assume this is necessary so that I'm not dropping pure RO water in at water change. I'm planning to go with guppies, no specific type (NOT starting with a $60-per-trio type). I was hoping to get pH to 7-7.5, but if ~6.6 is ok then I'll consider moving on from concern to happy dance.
  4. Right now I'm buying RO water and adding additives before each water change. My tap water can come from 3 different sources, 2 of which are really soft, with the 3rd being more regular-soft, but enough of a difference to be a concern I think. Going with the RO water and additives to keep my "source" water stable (in theory). There's a good chunk of Malaysian driftwood. I boiled it twice before it went in. I am injecting CO2, so that could be a factor. If the alkaline buffer only helps bring soft water up a bit, is there anything I can do to get live-bearer friendly water?
  5. Hi everyone. I'm working on getting harder water in my tank. I'm using RO water with Seachem Alkaline Buffer and Equilibrium. I'm trying to get a pH of 7-7.5. I was away for a weekend recently, so the tank went 2 weeks without a water change. Thought I'd test parameters before changing water, out of curiosity. My gH was 8 and kH was 6, more or less as expected, and my pH was 6.6. All tests were liquid API tests. I did NOT expect to find a pH under 7 with the kH still so high. My understanding is the kH will buffer the pH quickly up to 7 or so, then more slowly towards and above 8. How could my kH have remained that high but the pH so low? I really don't know what to make of it.
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