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  1. Yeah, sounds similar to what ccurtis was saying. I do really like these fish. I'm not sure what else I would get instead of one. I don't really want a pleco.
  2. I've had the tank up since January I think. I kind of agree that Ottos seem to be hit or miss. I might wait to introduce any more if I get them again. I do really like them versus getting a pleco.
  3. The Diatom bloom was quite a while ago. The tank has cycled since then. I'm currently showing 0 Ammonia, 0 Nitrite and around 5-10ppm of Nitrate.
  4. I don't think so. The only other fish I have are a small school of zebra danios and they don't bother the other fish.
  5. Thank Mmiller, I don't know my KH and GH but I'm guessing your link to your video will help me figure it out 🙂 What do you mean by medicating them when I bought them?
  6. I hate creating these posts. I have a 20 gal tank that had a diatom algae overload. I got two Otos to help manage it and maintain a clean tank. 2 weeks ago one Oto died unexpectantly and I just found my other one dead this morning. My water levels have stayed pretty consistent and I try to check their stomachs to see if they are nice and full but after the first one died, I noticed that the remaining Oto was hiding a lot more which made sense. But it made it difficult to see if he's been eating. I'm trying to look for factors that could affect this. Lack of food could be one of them. It's possible they weren't eating (even though there is algae in the tank but maybe not what they liked). This worries me because I have a Siamese Algae Eater as well and I really dont want anything to happen to it. The only other thing I am noticing is my ph is a little high (7.6 on "low ph test and 7.4 on high ph test). My water from the sink is at around 6.8 so something in the tank is causing it to rise, I think. Everything else for my water is really good. Which is frustrating because I do my best to keep my water great for the fish. I just don't know what else could have caused them to die all of the sudden. Thanks for the help/advice.
  7. Thanks for the response. I thought maybe he was just old? I'm trying not to jump to conclusions but I'm also not noticing some lighter spots on a few of the danios. They aren't bumps, as in, they don't stick out. Is this just discoloration or something else? I am also noticing the fish's buddy kinda swims the same way and isnt as active as the other danios.
  8. I have a Zebra danio that looks noticeably slimmer than my others (fish on the right). I was watching him today and I also noticed that he doesn't eat and he seems to be struggling to swim (ie he is nowhere near as active as the other ones). He has a buddy (fish on the left) that seems to stay close by him and sorta nudges him around as well. My water levels look good and all the other fish appear normal. Is he just old?
  9. Ok, so I just checked to see if the Siamese AE was in the castle and he's not. I have no clue where he went. There's not a lot of places he can go. He's not a full grown one but I'm kinda losing my mind. Has anyone ever just lost a fish?!
  10. Just wanted to quickly update this thread here. I got a amano shrimp and a Siamese algae eater. Very excited about both. The Amano went to town cleaning things but the Siamese algae eater went straight to hiding and hasn't come out for 2 days. I'm sure he's just unsure of the new environment but I also need him to get out and about and start eating my hair algae. Is this normal for a fish like this one?
  11. I forgot to mention that I have been using the Easy Carbon. Should I stop doing that? Or use more?
  12. Thanks Ragnorok! I am gonna do a water change soon and lower the light intensity. I'd love to add more Otos (they're great fish) so if it comes down to that I definitely will pick a few more up.
  13. Thanks Inked! Yes, I will definitely do my best to not compare my tanks to that on social 🙂 Thanks for bringing up dimming the light. Last time I was in Aquarium Co-op they had mentioned about cutting certain light (blue I think) to help inhibit algae growth. I'd also be totally fine adding something that would eat the algae that the Oto's dont eat but I might hold off on that for now. Thanks again!
  14. I understand that these things take time but my frustration is quickly getting the best of me. The Instagram pics and videos of beautiful algae free tanks doesnt help either... My tank is cycled but I am fighting what feels like a losing battle to both diatom algae and now hair algae. I have two Oto Catfish hard at work on the diatom and I have recently cut back my light to 8 hrs. I don't want to take anything out to put chemicals on but this is getting ridiculous. I'd love some help on what else to do. If "be patient and stay the course" is the best option that is totally fine. Other things: should I get something to eat the hair algae? Should I get more plants to help combat the nutrients that algae is taking in? Should I just enjoy the messy beauty of my tank? Pics below of my tank (20g Innovative Marine). Thanks in advance!
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