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  1. One of my husband's gaming friends has a character named Aramis Le Toot. After I finish laughing my ass off, the modified version popped in my head and I thought it would be a great name for a fish.
  2. Thank you ☺️ I don't dose iron or use CO2. I picked plants marked easy and used fluvial stratum as the substrate. His name is Seamus von Toot 😁
  3. Thanks again, everyone. This is where community support gets a newbie. 💜
  4. Two and a half months. All sorts of things have grown on it, and been eaten off by my clean up crew, but this is new. It started about two weeks ago. At that point, I had three amano shrimp, two otocilclus catfish, a snail, and my Betta. Friday before last, I saw one of my huge shrimp eating a dead oto. The shrimp were also shredding my plants! I fished out the dead oto, caught all the shrimp, and went to my LFS, where they rehomed the shrimp, and sold me three new otos. Here we are a week later, the plants are recovering, but I found another oto dead. 😕 I don't know what, if anything, I am doing wrong. There is plenty for them to eat, and the water parameters are good. It all got squirrelly when the white stuff showed up, and that could be coincidence, but I figured I'd better ask the community.
  5. Hi folks, This white stuff has been forming on the manzanita log. Anyone know what it is? Im a bit concerned. I've lost two otocilclus catfish in a week. I just did a water change, and now there are bits of this floating in the water. Did a parameter check, and everything is good according to the aquarium co-op test strips, including the separate ammonia one. Thanks in advance.
  6. Thanks! He sleeps on the cardinal plant I've got in there, and he just made his first bubble nest!
  7. I had a notion to have plants grow out of it for Seamus to rest on instead of getting one of those fake silk Betta leaf hammock things. He hasn't used it like that, but he does like hanging around it.
  8. I got that glass pot on Amazon. Seamus loves hanging out in it.
  9. Thank you. Here's how it started 🙂
  10. Thanks to all the advice and support you all have given me, my first tank (set up June 5th) is doing well, and I'm sincerely happy with it. In my ten-gallon, planted tank I've got three amano shrimp, two otocilclus catfish, a purple mystery snail, and my pride and joy Betta, Seamus von Toot.
  11. Thank you so much! I thought that was the case, but I had self- doubt. 😅
  12. Hey folks, So the ammonia is finally down and the nitrates/ nitrites are way up here in Week 3 of the new tank. At this point, should I do a water change? Or let the bacteria work? I've tried to Google this, but returns are unclear. Thanks! Shirl
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