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  1. I think you could definitely add more rasboras. I know they'd appreciate it. I don't know what type you have specifically, but think that you could do like 12-15 chilli rasboras (or similar in size) and about 10 of a larger species like the lamb chop rasboras. If you're worried about overloading your tanks, add fish slowwwly.
  2. Hm. Interesting... For the record, I think gravel is a perfectly okay substrate to use for corys. I do it myself. @Colu might be right that it is red blotch disease.... However, we really know for sure without pictures.
  3. Ficus pumila "quercifolia" is a very beautiful plant. I think it's been made popular by SerpaDesign on youtube but it's a fantastic little plant. They require a high humidity so they could be incorporated in a paladarium or such.
  4. What kind of substrate are you using? Did you quarantine them first? Did you notice off behavior from the any of the fish? Did you acclimate them properly based on where you got them? A 10 gal is pretty tight to have all those going on but it is possible.
  5. Oh gosh. They aren't at 87, they are at 78. I didn't realize I wrote that. And yes. I know it is toxic to open the bag so I waited until the last second to open it. And I didn't put any of the bag water into the tank. I know that in the bag, the pH skyrockets and the ammonia becomes more toxic to the fish so I kept that in mind.
  6. I do the acclamation method where you float the bag then dump the fish into a net over a bucket and put them in. I don't put any dirty bag water in the tank. The water parameters are 0.0 ammonia, 7.4 pH, 0.0 nitrite and 5-10 nitrate. I did a water change this morning and they have been doing okay. The fish are in a 20 long that's half full because I was dosing meds but I just went ahead and filled it up 100% to hopefully maintain stable water parameters.
  7. I think that's very interesting. Do you just keep them in a holding tank and observe them or do you put them into your established tanks?
  8. No. It was just the one with the very red gills. This morning there is one more casualty so I think I need to change something before they all die. I'll probably do a water change to get rid of some meds?
  9. Hi all, I ordered 12 pygmy corydoras from aquahuna and they arrived in 4 days with two dead on arrivals. I put the fish in a bare 10 gallon quarantine tank with a cycled sponge filter from an established tank and a heater(edit: the tank is 78 NOT 87) . I started off dosing Fritz Maracyn and within 24 hours, two more had died. Fast forward another 24 hours (now) and two more are dead. I got worried that I didn't start off dosing the right thing so I added one packet of general cure and 5 mL of Ich-X. The two dead from just now are the ones in the picture. Parameters are fine. I had the cycled sponge in the tank running for 9 days before the fish arrived so it was fairly stable at that point. Half my pygmy corydoras are dead and I'm pretty sad about it. I have considered reaching out to the company to see what they have to say but I wanted to ask on this forum first about what yall thought. The one cory on the left seems to have very red gills which was probably from shipping and ammonia burns but I can't be sure. These pygmy corys came in at about 1.3 cm so I have been feeding them cut up frozen bloodworms (2x day) during their med treatments because they are so small, I don't know if they could afford to wait a whole week. In summary, It's been 48 hours since I received the fish. 6 are dead and I don't know where to go from here. Please let me know what you think about the situation and the picture of the two dead fish. Do you see anything I am missing? I plan on emailing the company tomorrow morning but for now I am just going to hope the rest make it.
  10. Hi Isaac, the light is a Fluval 3.0 Nano light. I block out the light on the left side with frogbit in order to provide shade to my kuhli loaches and the amazon sword blocks the light on the far right. It just happens to look like a spotlight since the sides are shaded by plants.
  11. Hi everyone. My name is Grace and I am 18 years old. I have been keeping fish for about 4 years on and off but I have gotten more serious about the hobby within the last 2 years. As of now, I have two tanks, a 29 gallon and a 10 gallon. Pictures and stocking lists are below. My 29 is in my room and it is my primary source of happiness right now. It was set up about 2 years ago as a 5 gallon betta tank, then it morphed into a 20 long, and then finally a 29. My 10 gallon is on my desk and it is a shrimp + kuhli loach tank. The tank was originally supposed to be a dwarf hairgrass growing tank but I couldn't help but put some livestock in. I have much more to say but I don't want to overwhelm yall with too much writing. 🙂 29 Gallon: neon tetras otocinclus catfish false jullii corydora amano shrimp nerite snail mystery snail 10 gallon: black kuhli loaches neocaridina shrimp amano shrimp nerite snail plants (both tanks): dwarf hairgrass red dwarf aquarium lily suswassertang narrow leaf java fern anubias - too many varieties to count amazon sword salvinia minima frogbit pothos - just the roots marimo moss balls Cryptocoryne Wendtii Bronze
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