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  1. Ok thanks so much. I ordered some Maracyn for the fin rot so hopefully it will get here soon!
  2. Hi can anyone tell me if it is ok to use ParaCleanse and Microbe Lift Artemiss together in the same tank? I have three young single tail goldfish who I think have internal parasites (two have had long white stringy poop.) One of the fish had a split in its tail which is worsening to a small piece missing. They are little rescues from a local shelter that has a fish rescue program. I have had them for a little less than two months. I wasn’t aware of the Quarantine Trio sold by the Co op or I would have purchased that from the start. I do not have Maracyn on hand but was hoping the Artemiss + ParaCleanse would be ok together. There is 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 5 nitrate, ph about 7.0, well water measures ‘hard.’ I do weekly gravel vac and 50% water change in a 30 g tank (they are small, I have a 75 g for them when they get bigger.) I have Prime and Stability in the tank right now. I am running an Aquaclear 70 filter and air stone, temp is kept at 69 degrees. Its hard to get a pic but this is tail issue Thank you!
  3. Oh great I’m glad you got some meds for him, fingers crossed that he gets better
  4. And it was a fully cycled tank before adding him-seems odd that nitrate would be at 0? Poor little guy
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