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  1. Cool, thanks so much. I’m guessing it will grow it’s own roots after I plant what I cut off?
  2. This is my first attempt with a planted tank. I have heard a bunch of talk about trimming plants back, but haven’t really seen anyone actually do it. My water sprite seems to be doing really good. Pick on the left is when I put it in the tank last Friday. The pic on the right was taken yesterday. It’s already come up out of the water. Do I just cut it back to keep it under the water & can I do anything with what is cut off? Thanks for any help.
  3. My dwarf hair grass that I got from Aquarium Coop.
  4. Back in the early 90’s I owned a fish store & at the time, even had 31 tanks in my house. Well, after about 28 or so years have decided to get back into the hobby. After watching Cory’s videos & a few others, decided to get back in & try planted tanks (that’s something I never did back then). I set up a 38 gallon with plants & a few community fish. That hooked me again...so I bought a 14 gallon frameless cubed tank so I could try even more different plants & my wife likes guppies. It’s only been set-up for 4 days now & is doing really good. So glad I got back in & looking forward to learning more from Cory & all of you.
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