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  1. I’ve definitely posted my boi recently but I see a betta photo post, I have to add mine. Everyone’s fish looks so handsome ✨ Sir Aether Finnbar; coolest crowntail I ever did see Admiral Harold Mustard; benevolent captain of the tank and glutton
  2. @lefty o It's the guy on the left, second from the bottom. They've got a couple more spots on the other side of their body but I couldn't get a better photo. But thank you for the tip!
  3. I was just observing my 30G and I noticed small white spots on maybe 3 of 8 rummy nose tetras and I have khuli's in the tank with them. I just added some Seachem Paraguard at half strength and will be raising the temperature slightly. I'm trying not to panic but I want to make sure everyone is alright. Is there anything else I should do to try my best to nip this in the bud? And also tricks on cleaning the tank after this ich is eradicated from my tank; I have the aquarium co-op's sponge filter for reference? I couldn't for the life of me catch the infected tetra to try to confine them to a quarantine tank... they're quick lil buggers and I don't want to stress the fish and currently uninfected fish out any more than I need to. The one you see here has the worst while the other one maybe two have one or two ich spots at most.
  4. @Eddie Dingle Not any closer to a true name but he's a feisty one so that might help... I had an African dwarf from I called Hodr (nose god who's blind) SIP so I'm drawn to mythological names. Right now Aether is sticking, inspired by @xXInkedPhoenixX's suggestion of Interstellar; who "is the personification of the upper sky, space, and heaven, and is the elemental god of the "Bright, Glowing, Upper Air." Sir Aether Finnbar maybe? If I had a sorority I might be a bit cheesy and name them after Sailor Moon characters, helpful if they also match the colors. Or go with goddesses actually, that might be fun but I'm sure whatever you choose will be fun @OceanTruth He really does, its really hard to capture quite how he looks but this photo manages a darn good job @H.K.Luterman He's so cool! He does seem a bit small (at least compared to my other bubba) so I'm wondering if he'll grow and evolve colors even more
  5. @Betsy They're absolutely gorg, they have some koi with full tails if you're willing to look online! I myself am still a sucker for dumbo ears so who knows if I'll ever get a new tank in a 5-8G for one eventually 🙃 oh man, I feel ya though. I wanted nothing more than my tanks to be cycled and ready for fish to go in. I had to dump things in to make sure the fish were happy before I was able to properly scape the way I would have liked on my big tank. It was an absolute steal on craigslist but came with two harlequin rasboras with the tank that I had to account for so its not where I'd like the tank to be visually but the fish in it are happy so that's all I can ask for... for now. I'm sure the boiling helped, the algae consumers should also double down on that too. From what I've seen so far, mopani wood isn't too bad but spider wood is just horrible for DBF. I left my mopani pieces in a bucket in the backyard for a couple days and it seems to be minimal to no bloomage vs the spider was just wild.
  6. @Lifeisgood I know! It was love at first sight that I called and made sure nobody could take him until I was able to drive out to get him!! but yeah those are some that popped into mind. I just feel he needs a very majestic name to go with how dope he looks! @Eddie Dingle My other betta is Admiral Harold Mustard of the tank S.S. Valhalla.... so I defiantly vibe with your name suggestions.. I was going to look up old mythical creatures or something like that for inspiration @xXInkedPhoenixX Interstellar is definitely something I will keep in mind. Maybe if I can incorporate the meaning of that along with a silly title I think that may be it.
  7. Oh man that betta is going to be spoiled rotten in that huge tank. Congrats and have you decided what type of betta yet? if you like long fins I love me my full moon (maybe even rosetail) black mustard I have, though there's plenty of fun colors if you're looking for those. I'm finding that the driftwood slime goes away rather quickly even without peeps eating it. I've had a crazy bloom when I added my spider wood in and because of the other plants and properly cycled tank it's going away (even though I have Otos I haven't seen them go for it...)
  8. I was so set on a dumbo ear but I’m so glad I ran into this guy. I’m also very glad 🦄🦄
  9. I fell in love with this guy when I picked up some fish for my 30G and I picked him up today. He’s the most pale yet colorful opalescent rainbow unicorn betta I’ve ever seen 💕✨ I will get around to properly scraping his tank soon but what are some names ideas?? welcome to the fam!
  10. In a perfect world, there would be something that could count the number of fish in your tank-- preferably by species. As someone who worries and in more heavily planted and hide-y holed tanks it'd be nice to know that the shy or more nocturnal fish are all alright orrr if any if there were any surprise casualties or babies! (As a newbie to khuli loaches I just wanna know without spooking them...)
  11. If someone was tech savvy enough they could potentially jerry-rig or reverse engineer door/window alarms used for home security for aquarium lids 🤔
  12. Thank you! I’m sure yours is also beautiful! I wish photos would do his colors more justice. The scales on his body and the yellow really pop in the right light. I know there are super pretty golden or copper ones that might be more orange if not try your luck on some koi colorations, good luck!
  13. Amazing, I just lost the little suckers for my two tweezers. Chopping up some now!
  14. Hello! I just joined this forum and hopefully it will be a nice and helpful place as it seems so far. I have a 10g , the S. S. Valhalla. She holds a betta, one endler livebearer, 3 bumblebee gobi and some snails: My goth king Admiral Harold Mustard: I also recently acquired a 39/20 gallon that I plant to make a nice peaceful community tank. I got it off of craigslist-- came with the 2 harlequin Rasboras and an 8 year old Anubias its crazy. I have added 3 otocinclus, 3 khuli loaches (I have been reading that it is totally okay to add more so I plan to do so very soon so they can feel less shy,) and I have 8 glowlight tetra in quarantine since I noticed a couple had ich when I brought them home... I am using a heater, air stone, probably not the best filter, and ParaGuard and hoping for fast recovery and no casualties In the future I plant to add a black background and then get the tank nice and bustling with life. I have looked into rummy nose tetras, Chili Rasboras, maybe something blue- I was looking at neon blue rasboras but open to any suggestions and ideas. I will re-scape at least this big tank with some rocks for hiding caves and try to contain the wild Anubias. The newest addition is a 10 gallon that I picked up because I have just fallen in love with dumbo ear bettas (a particularly sad looking one from Petco that was a lovely white and pink/red) so I will start setting that up and cycling... Ideas for scaping will be also greatly appreciated! Nice to meet y'all 🙂 endler ID??? bonus "smoochin" ottos
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