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  1. I use the 2 fish net method for my fast swimmers. One is bigger than the other and I corner, sneak up behind or heard them into the net. 🤷🏻‍♂️😅
  2. I have a sponge for the intake as well. I was waiting to attach it to let as much bacteria build up in the canister. Mainly got it to keep the sand from going into the filter once I move my Yoyo’s into the tank. The extra surface area for bacteria is a bonus. 😎
  3. I’m on the tail end of doing a fish-less cycle. I’ve been running a canister filter during that time. In the canister is that fine poly-fil, polishing type of media. Since there is no actual fish to gunk it up. Would you replace it as if there were fish gunk in it or leave it until there are actual fish in the tank to gunk it up? It’s been about a month + a week since day one. Trying to figure out a game plan for when the tank is ready for fish. Leave the media in place and reset the maintenance clock to zero after adding fish or go through maintenance like normal when you have an established tank before adding the fish?
  4. Haha! The first time I cleaned it, the particles went all over the tank. My fish began to eat it (looks like flakes) and I was like, I’m so sorry if I’m about to kill you all. Nope, they were all good! Phew 😅
  5. Wow! Your tubing looks like mine, but in more advanced stages. I’ve been cleaning mine weekly. I think I may just let it go and see what happens. Beautiful snail btw!
  6. Nope, non-smoker. I’m chalking it up to hard water and/or bio film 🤷🏻‍♂️
  7. I was thinking hard water too bc my house does have hard water. I have a big piece of driftwood that I thought softened the water while it’s releasing tannins. Oh well, piece of mind knowing it’s safe. Thank you!
  8. If that’s the case, then I’ll take it, thank you both! Also yes, it’s about 2 months old.
  9. I bought the black air line tubing and it works. My concern is this "white" build up that seems to only affect the tubing. I don't see it anywhere else inside my tank. It comes off easily when I'm cleaning but, builds back up quickly. I'm thinking mineral/calcium deposits like you find on the rim of the tank after a while? I do get that kind of build up on the rubber gray connectors on on my canister intake/output hoses. Insights always appreciated.
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