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  1. Curious what other species you can breed in stock tank ponds. I have some platinum medaka rice fish and white clouds in (2) 100 gallon tanks. What other species aside from guppies can survive the summer or even year round?
  2. Step Bros reference if you didnt get it. Anyway, I finally got my female Koi and my Male Crowntail to breed! He has some awesome iridescence in on his body and the tips of the tail or white.
  3. Just wanted to let you know I just got it today. A bit banged up but everything seems alright. Thanks for your response
  4. This, I moved everything but a 90 gallon (with her blessing) to the garage.
  5. Cool, thanks Cory. Ill reach out to Customer Service if it doesnt come in the next day or two.
  6. Just curious if shipments are coming from California? I ordered some stuff online and its coming from the Bay Area. Made a ton of purchases before and everything has always come from the store in Edmonds? I have (1) item of my order delivered the rest is not here?
  7. Having some issues identifying the males and females. I think 1 is a female (Duller Color) and the other two are male. Can you guys help me confirm.
  8. Poor guy died the following day. The other Gourami seem fine so far.
  9. Hey All, First post, but ive been creeping for awhile. My Powder Blue Gourami just started losing its color like its retracting from the tail fin going up its body? Any ideas? The other fish in the tank are fine and no issuehttps://photos.app.goo.gl/vtbQT1Vi7HfqtMSW8
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