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  1. Mixture of cyclops, bbs, co-op fry food. Older ones get extreme pellets and bbs sometimes I grind up krill and go e them a paste of that
  2. Tons of Medaka fry, they really started laying eggs during the heatwave in WA and are producing a ton for me to this day. These are fry from the last 2-3 weeks. I probably have 300-400 now between this tank and my 100gallon "pond" One of my favorite fish so far. Still looking for red caps and oranges
  3. Platinum and Red Cap Medaka Longfin Blue Eye Bristlenose Giant Bettas Guppies Rainbow Tawa Cherry/Snowball/Orange Shrimp Peppered Corys Rams Super Red Apisto
  4. 300 Gallon tub. Have my guppies, Paradise Gourami and a few other species in here. All have bred
  5. Think it's a Salt and Pepper Cory from my summer pond. I have 3 salt and peppers in a 100 gallon with my medaka to help cleanup. Weather's been warm so it's working well. Guess this little nugget hitched a.ride as an egg on a piece of hornwort
  6. Cleaning my shrimp tank and found this guy? Only thing I have in the tank are neos and 1 Otto? This little dude justed popped out of nowhere?
  7. Sold to me as Australian Rainbows. The yellow was super vivid when I picked up. In Quarantine right now but just curious if these are actually rainbows?
  8. I toss in a large coop sponge filter to prevent pond scum on the surface. Feed the fry 2-3 times a day. Mostly first bites and brine shrimp.
  9. Curious, what would a red cap crossed with a platinum look like? Has anyone messed with different strains before? Is redcap recessive? Have about 4 red caps but a bunch of platinums
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